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Study Online Courses in Ithaca, New York, United States

Ithaca at a glance

Ithaca, United States is a well-renown educational hub in the middle of New York state, which combines the youthful atmosphere of student culture with the hustle and bustle of innovative commercial life. Ithaca is a great place to advance your education, whether you are interested in getting a Bachelor’s degree, following-up on your studies with a Master’s programme or enrolling for a PhD. Ithaca is more than just a New York state alternative to NYC, it is an excellent destination to focus on your education and your career future. 


Studying in Ithaca

Universities and colleges in Ithaca offer many opportunities for a wide array of study programmes, most notably Master’s degrees and PhDs. For those interested in obtaining a Master’s in Engineering, there are numerous majors and specialisations such as aerospace, biomedicine, environmental science, chemistry, mechanics, food science, as well as several interdisciplinary combinations between them. For most of these disciplines, there is also the possibility of getting a PhD in Engineering. You’ll also find several other options of graduate programmes, with Master’s degrees and advanced PhDs in computer science, applied economics, design, healthcare or area studies. You can enrol in an MBA, as well as numerous PhD programmes in linguistics, history, law, biology and mathematics.

The general approach to teaching in Ithaca’s higher education institutions is to promote research skills, critical thinking and learning through discovery and experimentation, especially for natural sciences and medicine.


Career opportunities in Ithaca

Ithaca has a commercially-oriented economy, focused on retail and services that cater to the large universities and its bustling campuses. Not surprisingly, the higher education institutions are some of the largest employers, followed by the large malls and restaurants in the area. However, the largest corporation present in Ithaca is the international stationary producer and supplier TPG, with office spaces right in the middle of the campus area. Therefore, there is a high and constant demand for teaching staff, administrative personnel, as well as business and management graduates. Also, there are many bookshops and boutiques which especially look to hire students going through their undergraduate years.


Ithaca city life

The overall vibe of Ithaca is that of culture, architecture and science. There are several landmarks and tourist attractions situated throughout the city:

  • Sciencenter, a volunteer-run museum
  • Museum of the Earth
  • Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art
  • Kitchen Theatre Company
  • Cayuga Chamber Orchestra

International atmosphere in Ithaca

Through the renowned universities and colleges it houses, as well as its proximity to the New York metropolitan area, Ithaca sustains a cosmopolitan and globalised atmosphere. International students and local minorities maintain a tolerant atmosphere for diverse nationalities. English is universally spoken and used, as well as Spanish among Hispanic communities. Additionally, Ithaca’s population is fairly young, with more than half the locals being between 18 and 24 years old.

Weather Ithaca

Winters in Ithaca are cold, with abundant snow of 64.3 inches (163.3cm)/year. The long cold season usually lasts from October 5th to May 15th. Summers are warm and wet, with generally moderate temperatures. The average temperature is 31.6 °F (-0.2°C) for January and 80.9 °F (27.2°C) for July.


Accommodation costs in Ithaca

Accommodation prices in Ithaca are varied:

  • Rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city centre costs around 1,210 USD/month, while three bedrooms cost approximately 2,230 USD/month.
  • Rent for a one-bedroom apartment outside the city centre costs around 890 USD/month, while three bedrooms cost almost 1,437 USD/month
  • On-campus rent for a single room is around 9,364 USD/year, while double rooms are around 8,274 USD/year

Living costs in Ithaca

Living costs in Ithaca are moderate, reaching an average of 745-850 USD/month, excluding accommodation. Monthly utilities cost around 160 USD, while average food costs are estimated at about 343 USD/month. A monthly local transport pass is around 45 USD, while a one-way ticket costs 1.5 USD.

Universities in Ithaca

Ithaca College strives to become the standard of excellence for student-centered comprehensive colleges, fostering intellect, creativity, and character in an active and inclusive residential learning community.

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We have taken to heart the revolutionary spirit that founded our university and encourage each other to pursue unpredicted lines of thinking in order to effect change on local and international scales. 

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