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Study Online Courses in Sofia, Oblast Sofiya-Grad, Bulgaria

Sofia at a glance

Sofia is a city that, as its motto says, “grows up, but doesn’t grow old”. With a history that includes Thracian tribes, Romans and the Ottoman empire, Sofia succeeded to keep its charm as an accessible and friendly city, with an electrifying nightlife and an active academic life. Sofia has theatres, concert halls, cinemas, cafes, galleries and museums and plenty of activities for young visitors. Study abroad in Sofia, the city where 22 out of 51 Bulgaria’s universities and institutes are! Sofia does not carry the official name of an academic city, but it does have a major role in the national education system. You can be one of the international students that graduated an accredited programme in Sofia and then begin a promising career in a developing environment!


Studying in Sofia

If you wish to study in Europe and you chose Sofia, you can enrol in a Bachelor, Master’s degree programme or a PhD programme in psychology, engineering, physics, international relations, law, economics and business, informatics and communications and much more.

Some of the universities also offer online degree courses or you can continue your education with an on-campus PhD in psychology, education, computer science, finance.

Research is a part of the studies, in most of the universities and some of them even include projects, conferences, events and competitions for scientific degrees.


Career opportunities in Sofia

Sofia is the core of Bulgarian economy and the capital and its surroundings make the most developed area of the country. The part of economy that involves production includes industries such as manufacturing, metallurgy, electricity, gas supply, water supply and food and beverages.

A part of the city’s development is also the fact that multinational companies have offices here. Some examples are IBM, Hewlett-Packard, SAP, Software AG., Siemens and Bulgaria Air. Getting employed is possible even if you prefer the research field, thanks to the existence of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.


Sofia city life

Sofia is a city that carefully blends energy with the historical atmosphere given by the Turkish influence. It respects its past and offers you the chance to visit monuments filled with significance such as remains of The Eastern Gate, The Saint Sofia Basilica or the National Gallery of Art, which holds many artistic treasures of Bulgaria.

You can find entertainment on the Vitosha boulevard, where some of the city’s most appreciated cafes, restaurants, luxury stores and boutiques lie. Recreation is also available on the tennis courts, swimming pools, sports halls, parks or one of the stadiums that constantly attract tourists. Borisov Park and South Park are also popular spots.

Due to the Mount Vitosha nearby, the city’s atmosphere is unique and it gets even more interesting during winter, when skiers and snowboarders come to visit the mountain. From there to the city centre, you can enjoy a walk on the locally famous yellow bricks road. Nightlife options include locals with live music, such as jazz, concert halls and clubs. If you wish to know more, you can just take advantage of the twice-a-day free Sofia Tour.

International atmosphere in Sofia

Sofia is a populated city, including international students and tourists. Locals are respectful and open to socialization. However, most of them don’t speak English. Bulgarian language uses Cyrillic alphabet, so you may need to learn some basic information before arriving to Sofia.

Among the students, English is widely spoken and the young community might be helpful, when it comes to precious tips about the capital of Bulgaria.

Weather Sofia

Climate in Sofia is balanced, with cold and snowy winters and sunny, warm summers. Springs and autumns don’t last long and they may include rains with storms. Average temperatures are of –0.5°C (31.1°F) in January and 21.2°C (70.2°F) in July.

Universities in Sofia

Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski is the first Bulgarian high academic school establishment. Its history is an embodiment and a continuation of the centurylong cultural and educational tradition of the Bulgarian nation.

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