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Study Online Courses in Lund, Skåne, Sweden

Lund at a glance

Lund is a city located in the Scania (Skåne) region in southern Sweden, close to the sandy shore of the Öresund Strait. One of Sweden’s most populated cities, Lund was declared a world-class “knowledge and technology hub” due to its extensive and distinguished research work in several fields. Lund counts many international students and universities have a generous offer in terms of undergraduate and graduate degrees. Study abroad in Lund, number one city for students in Sweden and become an expert in your chosen field of study. Due to the fact that almost half of the population in Lund is comprised of students and everyone speaks English, you will surely enjoy a welcoming and lively ambiance. Outside classes, Lund offers tons of activities from outdoor sports to cultural venues and cozy and relaxing spots so you can spend your free time the way you like it. 


Studying in Lund

Lund is home to one major public university holding a long history in high standard education and that is also one of Scandinavia's largest institutions.

The local university in Lund is an innovative research hub that praises with notable discoveries, specifically in health sciences.

Choose from a wide range of Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees in fields like engineering (including unique engineering degrees like fire safety engineering), natural sciences, law, social sciences, economics, MBA, medicine, art, music and drama, languages, archaeology, and more.

You can also apply to a large palette of MOOCs (massive online open courses), distance learning and professional education programmes.

Join student organisations and embrace the university traditions, such as attend the carnivals, spring celebrations and other events organized within the campus.


Career opportunities in Lund

Lund has a thriving and well developed local economy, with high technology, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, research, manufacturing, and services as the major economic sectors.

Some of the largest employers of Lund are Sony Mobile Communications, Ericsson, Doro, Microsoft, Tetra Pak, BioInvent, Comsys, Ubisoft, ABB, Ernst and Young.

International students can engage in numerous internships, particularly in a field related to their study programme. Local universities often have close partnerships with Swedish companies, encouraging students to gain practical experience.


Lund city life

Lund is an animated and energetic student city offering visitors and inhabitants an abundance of leisure activities. You can visit numerous museums, check out several market squares, relax in lovely cafés and restaurants, ride the bicycle and admire the whole city and enjoy splendid natural spots.

The main places to visit in Lund are:

  • Lund Cathedral
  • Museum of Sketches for Public Art
  • The Clemens Place
  • Soderskorg National Park
  • Botanical Gardens
  • The Old Library
  • Kulturen - the second oldest open-air museum in the world
  • Skrylle Nature Reserve

If you want to indulge in a nice shopping experience, go to the medieval centre, stroll around cozy pedestrian streets and you’ll find many specialty shops.

Have a nice evening out with your peers and check the trendy restaurants serving any kind of dish, including international cuisine, and relax in countless pubs or cocktail bars.

International atmosphere in Lund

Apart from welcoming a significant number of international students each year, Lund is home to around 10 % foreign born people. The main ethnic communities are comprised of Southern and Eastern Europeans, a few Americans, Hispanic, Africans and Asian people.

Plenty of foreign companies have a local office in Lund, mainly from Denmark, Norway, the UK and Germany.

Weather Lund

In Lund, you would experience seventeen hours of daylight in midsummer, and around seven hours in mid-winter. In the summer, temperatures are around 23 °C (73 °F), sometimes exceeding 25 °C (77 °F). Winters are quite cold and temperatures range between -1 to 3 °C (30 to 37 °F). Snowfalls occur but they are usually light and snow cover lasts only a few days.


Accommodation costs in Lund

The main housing choices in Lund are:

1. Campus housing – between 340 and 380 EUR/month.

2. Rent a student apartment – rates are around 450 – 500 EUR/month for a one-bedroom apartment.

Living costs in Lund

Surprisingly, Lund is not an expensive city to live in, but it is recommended to carefully plan your budget. Excluding the accommodation expenses, you would need a monthly budget of between 600 and 700 EUR to cover food bills, moderate social activities, public transportation and learning materials.

Meal in an inexpensive restaurant would cost around 10 EUR, while groceries from the local supermarkets would be around 320 EUR/month. You can use the public transportation to get around the city and a student card is around 80 EUR/month.

Universities in Lund

In Lund, higher education has been taking place ever since the foundation of a studium generale in 1438, which trained future pastors. However, Lund University was not founded until 1666. It has evolved from just a few hundred students and professors being paid with meat and grain into its present form, with around 40,000 students and a position of excellence in international research.

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