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Agriculture is defined as the science of growing plants and crops, as well as raising animals for food, and other useful materials in order to answer to human needs and ensure economic gain. Plant or animal farmers develop the best methods for increasing the quality and production of crops, while ensuring animals are treated according to humane standards.

Agriculture has been around from the very start of human civilization and is one of the main sources of keeping our societies functioning. Agriculture can be divided into five main branches you can specialize in: Agronomy, Horticulture, Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Economics and Animal Sciences.

Class curricula include topics such as: principles of agronomy, farm management and operation, fundamentals of soil science, food animal production, agribusiness, crop management, animal diseases, and more.

Agriculture studies will develop students' skills to plan, design and execute projects and productive agrarian processes, as well as projects in agronomic engineering related to animal and vegetation production. Students will also learn how to develop modern methods of plant breeding and seed production while using necessary specific technologies.

Job options for Agriculture graduates cover jobs like: agricultural consultant, farm manager, rural practice surveyor, soil scientist, agronomist, agricultural scientist.

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