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Media Management is an area of Business Administration that deals with organising and supervising teams of media professionals, various mass communication channels and technologies, media and entertainment productions, and more. Students learn how to develop strategies and create business models that help media businesses be competitive and achieve their audience and revenue goals.

You will discover new ways to communicate the advantages of your products to the public, including advertising, events creation, designing showrooms and building relationships with media partners and influencers. You will develop your ability to understand and build a strong and trusted brand.

Media Management mixes Management techniques with the field of Communication, Marketing, Mass Media, and Public Relations. Product Development is also an important part of Media Managment, as future experts need to lern how to develop, promote and sell new media products. Team work and team management skills are also an important component of Media Management studies.

Courses generally focus on teaching general management methods, the functioning of different types of media, communication and competitive strategies, marketing models, corporate responsibility, intellectual property law, and more. Media Management studies develop organisation skills, ability to design marketing strategies, media economic understanding, and the knowledge of different software tools utilised in media productions.

Graduates will be prepared for a range of management careers within the media sector or across similar disciplines. Professionals work in production, branding advertising, marketing and business management for radio, print, TV or new media, and media administration for commercial or non-profit organisations, to name a few. Career prospects include titles of assistant marketing manager, media planner, communication specialist, advertising manager, editor in chief, digital global development manager, social media specialist, among others.

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