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Hospitality Management focuses on ensuring customer safety and comfort in a hotel, restaurant or entertainment facility. Hospitality Management centres on customer satisfaction that would lead to his loyalty and repeated business. Students in hospitality management usually have the opportunity to receive hands-on experience in real hospitality organisations. Hospitality Management integrates theories from similar disciplines like: Commerce, Business Administration and Supply Chain Management.

Main topics offered by Hospitality Management cover: hotel operation, hospitality management communication, catering and banquet management, applied foodservice sanitation, hotel and restaurant financial management, travel and tour operation.

Hospitality Management prepares students with the skills necessary to implement business development and quality management strategies. They will gain basic administrative abilities in order to control organisation, planning and scheduling activities. Most importantly, students will develop excellent customer service and communication skills as working in hospitality facility involves establishing and maintaining positive working relationships with colleagues and clients.

Hospitality Management graduates apply for employment in restaurants, hotels, casinos, clubs, and contract food services. They find jobs as hotel managers, travel agents, clerks, cost controllers, restaurant managers or cruise line personnel.

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