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Humanities — or the Humanities — are a set of academic disciplines that focus on the way people understand, describe, and document their human experience in this world. This includes the study of speech, the development of ideas and knowledge, how society functions, behaviour patterns and challenges, historical and cultural events, as well as human interactions and relationships.

Some of the main subdisciplines of Humanities are Anthropology, Languages, Psychology, Sociology, Literature, Cultural Studies, Ethics, Modern or Ancient Philosophy, and others. These subdisciplines represent the numerous ways of expression through which we have been trying to make sense of the world and our place in it.

Humanities might be a great degree if you find people fascinating and want to understand as much as possible about our history, societies, current behaviours, and future trends. Because this is such a broad field, the curriculum will largely depend on what subdiscipline or specialisation you choose. Common Humanities subjects include Historical Studies, Traditional Logic, Introduction to Philosophy, Culture and Identities, Creative Writing, Critical Thinking, Politics, Religion, Meaning and Value, Creative Research, etc.

During Humanities classes, you will be encouraged to express your creativity, explore ideas, come up with theories and supporting arguments, do your own analysis and come up with conclusions – activities that will transform you into an excellent critical thinker, who’s not afraid to ask questions, research, and distinguish truth from fiction or propaganda.

Here are some of the most popular jobs chosen by Humanities graduates: teacher, counsellor, technical writer, editor, genealogist, and linguist.

Students of Humanities learn how to think critically and creatively. They are encouraged to ask questions and come up with their own interpretations. Humanities graduates are great at individual research and have great writing skills.

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