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Korea National Open University (KNOU) 

Founded in 1972, Korea National Open University (KNOU) has played a seminal role in bringing higher education to the masses when it became the first distance education university in the nation.  

Distance Learning Courses



Date of birth: September 2, 1956


Job and Career Counseling provides KNOU students with information on how to find jobs or develop career paths, lists of accessible licenses per department, job listings, vocational training programs, career development lectures, career development workshops and career counseling.


Student services

The Student Service Center provides quality academic services for KNOU students, graduates and prospective students by offering prompt counseling to answer to questions concerning campus life and giving information on academic inquiries.

ICT services

Web-Based Instruction (WBI) encourages active participation of learners by overcoming the limitations of media in distance education as there are two-way active teaching and learning activities such as team projects and online discussions which involve various multimedia, including videos, audio and animations.

Medical services

Information and counseling on health-related issues and basic medical check-ups to KNOU students.

Student Life

Student clubs

The KNOU National Student Union is a self-governing student body that consists of the president, an executive branch, 13 regional student unions andstudent unions from each department. The leadership is elected every December by KNOU students.