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Distance University


The Swiss Distance University Institute is the only institute recognised as a distance learning university in Switzerland and has been offering an extensive range of distance learning courses since 1992. The structure of the courses is in line with the Bologna Directives and the degrees are equivalent to those of traditional Swiss universities.


The Swiss Distance University Institute offers a range of Bachelor's and Master's degrees in English, French and German.


At Distance University, research and development revolve around two central themes. The Swiss Distance University Institute distinguishes itself by focusing its research activities on university-level educational theory, the development of teaching and online learning, not only linking numerous projects specific to them but also inter-faculty and inter-disciplinary projects.

Student services

The Academic Services Department is run by the Director of Academic Services and consists of the following services:

  • Student services
  • Faculty services
  • EDUDL+
  • Provision of services & alumni

The institute is accredited by the Swiss Accreditation Council.

Naters, Valais, Switzerland

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