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International School for Social and Business Studies

International School for Social and Business Studies

Founded in 2006, International School for Social and Business Studies (ISSBS) is an innovative and recognized  higher-education institution located in the third largest city of Slovenia, Celje, Europe. All study programmes are officially recognized by the European Union Commission on Education through Slovenian Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education.

Top reasons to study here

  • We are very connected with our students and use innovative academic approaches based on knowledge, global experience, and creativity.
  • Our credentialed faculty use active teaching and learning methods that engage the students not only with the faculty but with each other.
  • We create success stories. Amongst our graduates are highly successful individuals – innovative entrepreneurs, influential managers, and many others.


ISSBS is a leading innovative higher education institution with approximately 500 students enrolled per year with currently more than 1200 graduates. We are very connected with our students and use innovative academic approaches based on knowledge, experience, and creativity to develop graduates, masters and doctors of science.


ISSBS delivers study programmes in Slovenian leading to educational and professional qualifications at three levels. The content and structure of the programmes are comparable to both international standards and likewise programmes. Undergraduate study programmes include the Economics in Contemporary Society, and Business in Contemporary Society.  Additionally, ISSBS offers postgraduate study programmes in Knowledge Management and Management and Quality in Education are delivered in Slovenian.


The internationally recognized PhD programme in Knowledge Management is delivered in English.


Research is one of the four key activities at ISSBS. It involves local and international research and development project proposals development and delivery, conference activities, publication and dissemination of research results, and involvement of students in research. A research group registered with the Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS) is also active at ISSBS; its research focuses on social sciences (economics) knowledge management, as well as administration and organizational sciences.


Graduates of the Knowledge Management PhD programme have the qualifications to assume leadership roles in executive management, subject matter expertise as consultants and policy development roles in both the public and private sectors. Knowledge of the latest professional and scientific findings in knowledge management and knowledge creation equips them with a high degree of flexibility in their approach, decision-making and communication with all internal and external stakeholders.

Student services

The Student Office at ISSBS performs organizational, professional and administrative matters for the operation of all study programs. Additionally, it provides support to students from the  initial application process  to the final completion of studies. The Student Office, provides the students with all information related to the operation of the study program, advisement for advancement (or repetition) of the academic year, administrative support for doctoral studies including the dissertation (from application to defense) and other information related to study and personal issues by phone, e-mail and in person during office hours. 

Housing services

The student dormitory Celje is located near the town centre. A short, 15-minute walk takes you to the ISSBS academic and administrative facilities. Students can rent also private flats and private rooms in the city.

Library services

The ISSBS library provides free access to study materials and information for study and research purposes. ISSBS students and teachers have free access to several international databases of scientific journals (i.e., Springer Link, Proquest in Ebsco Host, etc. ). We also provide free membership in the Central Library of Celje to all students.

ICT services

All lecture rooms are equipped with up-to-date computers, and video/audio/presentation technology, which enables efficient and high-quality implementation of activities. We use a comprehensive information system for supporting the information, records, and studies of students, the work of higher education professors and associates,  and professional services. 

Campus life

The faculty is close to the city centrum so all the most important facilities are close by.

Sports facilities

Activities and social gatherings are organized by the Student Council of the ISSBS and Youth Center Celje. Students have also the possibility to attend cinemas, a city theater, museums and galleries, a skating rink, fitness centers, a swimming pool and a number of shops and bars in old town.  ISSBS is in partnership with the Celje Youth Center which organizes different events, concerts etc.  and is open to all ISSBS students. Due to the small size of the country the Alps are very close for skiing and there is also only 1,5 hour drive to the seaside.

Student clubs

The Student Council of the ISSBS is the Representative Body of ISSBS students. The Student Council consists of seven students representing undergraduate and postgraduate study programmes. Students participate in the Bodies of the Faculty and give opinions, suggestions and comments on individual issues. Extra-curricular activities are planned and carried out by the Student Council, for example: Student Conferences, an introductory student meeting and orientation, International Student Festival, language courses and sports activities.

All the programmes of study have internationally recognized accredited degrees.  The programmes of study are accredited by the Slovene Quality Assurance Agency (SQAA) which  is a member of ENQA (European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education).


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