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Founded in 1818, SLU was the first university west of the Mississippi River. As it approaches 200 years, Saint Louis University is going boldly forward with an unwavering commitment to a higher purpose, a greater good.


No other university in the world offers the opportunities that Saint Louis University does: unique programs that bridge continents. Four-year degrees in Spain distinguished by the University's Jesuit mission and the U.S. liberal arts model of education, with the combined focus on student learning.

We offer a stimulating education that will give you the edge in the world you are going to live and work in. You'll benefit from personalized learning in small groups that focus on debate, critical analysis, and clear and original thought. You'll study with classmates from around the world who, like you, are thirsty for knowledge and committed to helping others.


Student services

The Office of International Services provides support for international students, scholars and employees as well as Saint Louis University students that wish to study abroad.

We are dedicated to the promotion of international student success and a global perspective for the University community and welcome the opportunity to help enhance your international educational experience at SLU.

Housing services

Saint Louis University, situated in mid-town St. Louis, offers an array of unique residential housing opportunities for student residents. The campus housing and residence life system offers 8 residence halls and 4 apartment complexes; and provides perhaps one of the most distinctive "out of classroom" educational experiences within the entire university.

Medical services

Just as Saint Louis University educates "the whole person," SLU physicians and researchers approach health care in a holistic manner.

Student Life

Sports facilities

Club sports provide an opportunity for students to participate in fun, competitive sports. The sport clubs compete against other colleges and universities across the nation. Clubs offer opportunities for all levels of experience to receive valuable leadership skills. The level of competition does vary between each club. Some clubs are intramural, while others compete at the varsity level.

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States

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