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Siberian Federal University

Siberian Federal University (SibFU) is a modern quickly developing university which belongs to a group of Russian unis with a special status (there’re only 10 federal universities in Russia). Established in 2006 we’ve already made our way into the world and national most known university rankings. Our ambitions are reflected through the University mission: to graduate qualified professionals for the needs of business and industry worldwide. 

Distance Learning Courses

Business & Management (1)
Natural Sciences & Mathematics (1)



The Uni was established in 2006 by a merger of 5 local leading higher-ed institutions in Krasnoyarsk, one of the largest cities in Eastern Siberia with a population of 1 million.  

This explains an array of programs and educational services offered: from non-degree pre-admission courses of Russian as a foreign language to mathematics, information technology and engineering, and more to law, linguistics, philosophy and economics. 


We are a hybrid university with a strong focus on training, however, believing that no education can be competitive   without a strong research component in today’s world. More than 150 programs are offered by the University at a Bachelor’s and Master’s levels, the majority of them are taught in Russian; yet we are proud to be able to offer already 6 Master’s level programs in English, with at least one more promising program coming in 2020-2021. It is related to a quickly emerging and developing area of providing engineering support to nuclear medicine. 

SibFU also offers more than a hundred programs at a Doctoral and Post-doctoral levels.

The teacher-student ratio at the university is 1:12. International Master’s students are trained in mini-classes of 6 to 10 people. 


The University priority research areas are the following:

  • Sustainable Environmental Management and Ecology 
  • Climate Changes 
  • Geology, Geotechnology and Metallurgy 
  • Overcoming limitations in electronics 
  • Biomedicine and Biotechnologies 
  • Advanced Communication and Navigation Systems 
  • New Energy

We boast 3 world-class research schools 

  • Dendroclimatic and dendrochronological  monitoring of boreal forests in Northern Eurasia (leader Prof Eugene Vaganov)
  • Ecological Biophysics (leader Prof Joseph Getelson)
  • Integral Methods in Complex Analysis and Algebraic Geometry (leader Prof August Tsykh)
Being a modern university SibFU is well-prepared and perfectly-equipped to meet research challenges of the modern time. We collaborate with more than 140 universities worldwide on a variety of research and scientific common interests.


Most successful SibFU international graduates can get a job offer from their Alma Mater. The Russia’s migration legislation allows employing international teaching staff without seeking a work permit for them. However, with developing international contacts of Russian industries and businesses a number of employers nowadays feel prepared to offere jobs to international staff. It means that if a graduate’s academic and research outcomes are impressive, a Russian employer may want to consider making a job offer. This has been a case with our international Master graduates during their thesis defense.

The university can boast a number of success stories from its CIS countries graduates who managed to take higher-ranked positions in home countries in banks and governmental offices based on a degree they obtained from SibFU.


Student services

International students and staff arriving at SibFU, especially those not speaking the Russian language, need special support in getting adapted and adjusted to the place. That’s why the University designated offices whose major responsibilities are to provide such support. 

They are:

  • Admission office which work specifically with international students , +79509712206 WhatsApp, Viber
  • Office of International Students and Staff Support +7-902-966-1360 WhatsApp, Viber
  • Office of Visa issue and support

Interested candidates first contact the admission office, and prospective students deal with the international students support office while preparing for their arrival at the University. 

Housing services

All international students are offered on-campus accommodation in one of our 32 modern dormitories, which make a special pride of the University. Newly built or renovated 2-share or 3-share study-bedrooms, with a kitchen and a bathroom, are offered in apartment-style dorms. Single study-bedrooms are not available for students. The monthly cost of a place in a dormitory varies from 15. 50 US $ to 19 US $ depending on a comfort ranking. The majority 

SibFU pays much attention to the safety of its students and staff. Security guards make sure that only students, staff and invited guests may enter the Uni campus. The entrance of unrelated public is limited and requires issuing a one-off permit. 

Library services

The University library is the largest library in the Eastern Siberian part of Russia. It counts nearly a million volumes of paper books and provides an access to the largest databases of scientific information such as Elsevier Freedom Collection, Springer, Web of Science to mention just a few.

The library mission and the activity it’s been involved into since its inception is digitalizing resources. Digitalized resources help reduce the use of paper, preserve ancient and rare books and enable a remote access to library resources to broader population. 

ICT services

Wi-fi free access is provided to students, staff and visitors in lecture halls and the library. In dormitories students are assisted in choosing a suitable provider of the internet access, either landline or wi-fi. The office of international students support may recommend a few best local providers to choose from, with the most suitable tariff.  Depending on personal needs tariffs  vary from 7 to 14 US$.

Medical services

All international students and faculty are provided with assistance in choosing their health insurance provider. The health and safety insurance is mandatory for studying at the University. 

The office of international students support assists in choosing the best offer and arranges delivery of the insurance on campus.

The Medical Centre which closely collaborates with the University and treats staff and students, including internationals, is located on the flagship Uni campus.

Student Life

Campus life

The university major campus is located on the outskirts of the city, in a green & ecologically clean place. Most of the dormitories are concentrated on this flagship campus with lecture halls within walking distances. Students use a well-developed system of public transport to go to the city centre and to local shopping malls. 

Besides the main campus there are 3 other smaller sites where University lecture halls and other facilities are located. 

The University provides with numerous dining places from small cafes to larger food courts. For those who prefer home-made food there’s a big supermarket just is a 10-minute bus journey from the campus, as well as mini-markets where students can buy food to cook.

Sports facilities

Siberian Federal University is recognized as one of the most sporty unis in Russia. It’s not by chance that in March 2019 Krasnoyarsk held the XXIX World Winter Universiade and the Athlete Village was hosted by the Uni. More than 50 sport clubs in 31 kinds of sport are available to students and staff. 

A long list of Uni sport facilities include:

  • 30 swimming pools
  • 2 swimming pools
  • 4 track and field stadiums
  • 3 skiing sites (alpine and cross-country skiing)
  • 4 soccer pitches 
  • Mini-golf course

Student clubs

The university offers an exciting and vibrant extra-curricular life. Students can join more than a hundred clubs and societies. There you can discover or develop your talents and enjoy rewarding pastime. 

Annually there are held large-scale on-campus festivals and events for students, such as the beginning of a new academic year (1st of September holiday), a talent show and a Festival of international cultures. At SibFU we have 8 ethnic communities. 


The establisher of the University is the Russian Federation Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The life-valid license for awarding higher education degrees was granted to the University by the establisher  in 2006.The accreditation of degree programs takes place once in 6 years. Currently SibFU is a freshly-accredited institution, we received our accreditation certificate on December 19 2018, and it’s valid till December 19 2024.

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