Royal Tropical Institute (KIT)

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The Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) in Amsterdam is an independent centre of knowledge and expertise in the areas of international and intercultural cooperation, operating at the interface between theory and practice and between policy and implementation. The Institute contributes to sustainable development, poverty alleviation and cultural preservation and exchange.

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KIT was founded in 1910 as the 'Colonial Institute' to study the tropics and to promote trade and industry in the (at that time) colonial territories of the Netherlands. It was founded on the initiative of a number of large companies, with government support, making it an early example of a public-private partnership.


KIT operates internationally through development projects, scientific research and training, and also provides consultancy and information services. These activities, along with those of its Tropenmuseum, Tropentheater and publishing house, are the Institutes means of bringing together people and organizations within the Netherlands and all around the world.The Institute is a not-for-profit organization that works for both the public and the private sector in collaboration with partners in the Netherlands and abroad.


The Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) conducts research and provides educational, consultancy and information services. Central is the elaboration of practical expertise in policy development and implementation. The Institute advocates an integrated approach that reflects diversity and works towards one clear aim: to produce workable solutions to the challenges of sustainable development and international poverty reduction.


KIT employs people from a wide variety of professional and cultural backgrounds. Of its 160 employees, one hundred regularly conduct short or long-term missions.KIT’s monumental building houses a number of other organisations, like Tropenmuseum as well as KIT’s Business Support Unit and KIT Sustainable Economic Development & Gender. KIT Health & KIT Intercultural Professsionals are located in the building opposite of KIT at Linnaeusstraat 35. KIT Biomedical Research, our biomedical research department, is housed in the Academic Medical Centre (AMC) in Amsterdam.


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If you are interested in different cultures, international cooperation and development, then a KIT Membership might be interesting for you! For 35,- euro a year you can become a member. As a KIT member you benefit from a range of attractive discounts. The KIT membership contains:

  • Free entrance to the Tropenmuseum, the Wereldmuseum in Rotterdam and the National Museum for Ethnology in Leiden
  • Lend books for free from the KIT Library
  • Discounts on performances at the Tropentheater for two persons
  • Discount on a selection of books published by KIT Publishers
  • Program information from the Tropenmuseum and the Tropentheater
  • Invitation to our annual meeting for KIT members.