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INSA Business, Marketing & Communication School

INSA Business, Marketing & Communication School is a private Business School with over 30 years experience in the training sector, which has Professionals Training Professionals. 


INSA was created in 1984 in response to the pressing need of companies to incorporate highly trained people; people with real and practical vision of the labor market. From the beginning, INSA opted for specialization in the areas of Assistant Management and Communication (Public Relations and Marketing). 


The academic programs are designed in a realistic and flexible way, overcoming the rigidities that characterize today many training plans.


The school keeps track of the personal situation and progress of each student. For this, the teaching is conducted within small groups of students who have, in their respective courses, a tutor that the student meets throughout the academic year and receives guidance in both educational and professional aspects.


To provide students access to the labor market and facilitate their adaptation to the business environment, INSA has the following objectives in their programs:

  • Developing skills for the knowledge society
  • Domain of Information Technology and Communication
  • Provide an open learning environment
  • Developing entrepreneurship and creative company

Student services

The students of the European Union also will have to get his Community Student Card if the period of studies is longer than 3 months. The procedure is similar for non-community students. In addition, students proceeding from countries of the European Union should obtain the European Health Card before coming to Spain (that replaces the documents E-128 and E-111) and it will allow them to access public medical centers like Spanish citizens. It is more difficult to obtain it once in Spain.

Housing services

Student Services INSA provide information about the various possibilities of accommodation in Barcelona during your studies. We want to highlight businesses or residences that can offer you good service. If you want to contact them, you must indicate at all times that are future INSA student to benefit from discounts.

Medical services

It is advised, to the foreign student body admitted into INSA that he should ask on any bilateral agreement that could exist between the government of his native land and the Spanish. These agreements normally allow persons to reside legally in Spanish territory, the right to benefits like, for example, those of the Spanish social security (medical assistance).

Campus life

INSA is characterized for having students of more than 25 different nationalities contributing to the programs an added value being able to learn of the different ways of seeing and doing of other countries. If you are from outside of Spain and want to come to study at INSA Barcelona you must follow these steps, depending if you are native to the Union Europe or not.

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

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