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Ostelea - School of Tourism & Hospitality

Multiple locations
Ostelea - School of Tourism & Hospitality gives you the opportunity to study in the country that boasts the most competitive tourism sector in the world. A country filled with cultural resources and infrastructures, and which is highly adapted to digital consumption habits.


At Ostelea - School of Tourism & Hospitality, education is a continuous and dynamic process that spans from the classroom into society, equipping students with competences that enable them to interact better with their environment and achieve the objectives they have set.


Ostelea - School of Tourism & Hospitality publishes an average of 10 studies every year on the Hospitality sector and Tourism, with the aim of analysing and researching the evolution, trends and forecasts for the sector. These studies are published in leading media outlets. The analyses focus on topics related to Hospitality and Restaurants, Collaborative Tourism, Leisure and Culture, among others. Current issues that facilitate up-to-date knowledge of the sector.


The Professional Careers Service is a department providing support for current and former students which aims to guide and accompany students as they strive to reach new professional goals, as well as adapting their professional expectations and interests to be more closely in line with the employment market. 

Campus life

Ostelea’s Virtual Campus is the technological platform on which a part of the students’ daily work takes place. It is designed to give students access to academic resources and all the current course information, class notes, evaluations, academic materials and the digital library, as well as enabling them to receive invitations to activities, events and conferences organized by the institution.

The Ostelea Online Campus is designed using BlackBoard technology that enables students to access all of its features from anywhere using their smartphones, tablets and other devices. BlackBoard is currently the platform used by internationally prestigious universities, such as Princeton, Stanford and Duke. 

The Ostelea - School of Tourism & Hospitality is an active member of the AEPT (Spanish Association of Tourism Professionals), AEDH (Spanish Association of Hotel Managers), EARTH (European Alliance of Responsible Tourism and Hospitality) and ATLAS (Association for Tourism and Leisure Education and Research).

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

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