Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT)

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT)

Do science with MIPT! Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology is synonymous to high-quality education and graduate demand. MIPT offers the best in technical and fundamental education, perfected by decades of experience: theoretical and applied physics, applied mathematics, informatics, biotechnology, and the related disciplines

Top reasons to study here

  • MIPT became the first Russian institution among the top 100 universities in the world offering physics programs according to international rankings: QS & THE
  • MIPT's model of learning, the “Phystech System”, is based on close integration between academia, science and industry
  • 79 labs on campus where students are supervised by world famous scientists

Distance Learning Courses

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Natural Sciences & Mathematics (1)



The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology was founded in the difficult postwar years when the country had to increase defense capabilities and develop new trends in the industry. For over 60 years the legendary “Phystech System” has trained thousands of distinguished scientists who have taken dominant positions in the international scientific community and received worldwide recognition


MIPT is a leading Russian university providing a strong theoretical background and opportunities for research in diverse areas of science for the most talented students. MIPT’s system of instruction — called the “Phystech System” — was proposed by Nobel Prize winners Pyotr Kapitsa, Lev Landau, and Nikolay Semenov. The strong focus on fundamental sciences at MIPT is augmented by a number of collaborations with top-notch research institutions. This enables our students to become successful and sought-after experts in their areas of research. MIPT offers intense training in the natural sciences, mathematics, general and applied physics, engineering, information technology, and life sciences


MIPT is a leading research center. Major fields: 2D materials for microelectronics, energetics, and specialized machine engineering. Universal and specialized quantum computers, quantum cryptography.Mechanisms of aging, genomic engineering, optogenetics, biomedical cell products.Conversational artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, expert systems, cybersecurity, technical vision.Arctic technology.Space technology.MIPT-affiliated authors have been listed among the most cited researchers by Clarivate Analytics. Besides, MIPT conducts joint research projects with the global leaders such as the University of Manchester, the Research Center Julich, Ecole Polytechnique, and the University of Leicester


  • 10 of MIPT’s alumni were listed among the 200 richest entrepreneurs in Russia
  • 2010 Nobel Prize winners Andre Geym and Konstantin Novoselov are MIPT alumni
  • Many of the MIPT graduates went on to found successful startups and tech companies, such as ABBYY, Acronis, Veeam Software, and IPG Photonics


Housing services

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) provides every student with an accommodation in modern houses on the territory of the Campus just across the road from lecture halls and many of the university’s labs. Each dormitory has its own cafes, reading rooms, common areas, kitchens, laundry rooms, gyms, and other facilities — and a unique atmosphere to boot. Every room has a wired and wireless broadband internet connection, with additional Wi-Fi hotspots available throughout the campus. The territory is guarded by university security staff, and the medical services are provided by nearby hospitals and a dedicated MIPT polyclinic 

Medical services

According to the license of the MIPT policlinic, the following types of medical care are provided: physician’s care, surgical, neurological, ophthalmic, dental, gynecological; the following rooms are in operation: procedural, dressing (bandage), massage, electrocardiographic, and clinical diagnostic laboratory

Student Life

Campus life

- Residence Hall No1 is a four-storey hostel of corridor type, situated two minutes from the educational facilities in front of the MIPT dining room. 

- At the present time first, second and third-year students of the Department of Innovation and High Technologies reside at Residence Hall No2. 

- “Troika” is home for the students of the Department of Aerophysics and Space Research. It is a five-story corridor-type dormitory building. 

- “Chetverka” stands out among the other residence halls due to its level of comfort. The building was recently renovated and there is new furniture in the rooms. You have the ability to live here as comfortably as you do at home.

Sports facilities

The university stadium and gyms provide facilities for football, volleyball, table tennis, athletics, and more. There are tennis courts and a swimming pool on campus, while in the winter students can rent skis and skates to get a taste of Russian sport. A highlight of the year is the traditional 24-hour Match of the Century, a round-the-clock soccer competition between departments, which is a favorite among students and alumni alike

Student clubs

A large number of groups and communities provide a great outlet for the students’ creative and physical energy. MIPT has a chess club, debating societies, comedy groups, drama class, and festivals of fine arts and music are held throughout the year.

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