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Istanbul Bilgi University

İstanbul Bilgi University undertakes to contribute to science, artistic production, and the development of technology; to educate individuals whose research and problem solving skills have developed in an atmosphere of free thought and an awareness of social responsibility and whose competencies meet international standards.

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İstanbul Bilgi University took its place within the Turkish system of higher education as a civil corporation after the application made by the Bilgi Education and Culture Foundation on 7 June 1996 and the subsequent approval by the Turkish Grand National Assembly according to Law number 4142.


Istanbul Bilgi University is an international university that expands the boundaries of science and art, embraces freedom, takes a lead in the development of society, provides a place where students and faculty share a passion for learning, and where all members, both academic and administrative, dedicate themselves to this end.


Research areas:

  • Biotechnology
  • Molecular Biology  and Genetics
  • Immunology and Stem Cell Biology
  • Protein Engineering
  • Systems Biology
  • Metabolic Engineering
  • Computational Biology
  • Bioinformatics


Student services

The Student Support Center acts as a bridge between the students and the academic and administrative departments with the aim of developing a high quality of student life at the University. The Center also aspires to increase student satisfaction and social opportunities while directly contributing to the creation of a student centered university.

Library services

Bilgi Library offers an extensive system to support university degree programs, research and teaching. An impressive collection of books, periodicals, e-books, e-journals, academic Internet resources, music scores and other printed material are available in the library. Extensive audio-visual and sound recording collections are also available.

Student Life

Campus life

İstanbul Bilgi University has four campuses that are centrally located and offering a vivid and colorful student life with more than 1,000 social and cultural events a year: Kuştepe, Dolapdere, santralistanbul, Kozyatağı.

Student clubs

The most important factor that makes a university a quality learning institution is undoubtedly its academic competence. However, lessons are not the only part of life at BİLGİ. There are approximately 100 different student clubs that can cater to your common interests, curiosities, and dreams.These clubs play an important role within the social life of our University and will grow thanks to your idea.


In order to highlight its high-quality language programs and ensure excellence in language training, in 2013, İstanbul Bilgi University applied to be accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA) organization, one of the most valued English language education quality certificates in the world. Besides being the only accrediting institution that is recognized by both the United States Secretary of Education and the Association of Specialized and Professional Accreditors (ASPA) in the field of the accreditation of English language teaching institutes and programs, CEA is also one of the most comprehensive accreditors in the field of English language education. 

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