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The European Heart Academy

The European Heart Academy trains future leaders in cardiovascular medicine. Cooperating closely with selected excellent universities in Europe, the Academy offers specialised courses in relevant areas of cardiovascular medicine for aspiring candidates that lead to academic degrees. 

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The European Heart Academy is based in the centre of Brussels where it can teach classes up to 60 students in house. Teaming up with selected university partners, the academy runs courses leading to academic degrees according to the Bologna agreement nomenclature, such as a Master degree, designed for aspiring candidates with a bright future in cardiovascular medicine.


The European Heart Academy proposes three postgraduate programmes in cardiology :

  • Health Economics, Outcomes And Management in Cardiovascular Sciences, Master of Science.
  • Postgraduate Course in Heart Failure, Certificate of Advanced Studies
  • Cardiac Arrhythmia Management, Diploma of Advanced Studies.


The European Heart Academy proposes postgraduate programmes planned and coordinated in cooperation with an academic partner: The Diploma of Advanced Studies in Cardiac Arrhythmia Management is developed in collaboration with Maastricht University and its successful completion leads to a Diploma of Advanced Studies issued by the University. 

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