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In 1924 Northpoint Bible College (Formerly Zion Bible College) was founded by Rev. Christine Gibson for the purpose of preparing men and women for Pentecostal ministry. The school started in East Providence, Rhode Island, and 1985 relocated to Barrington, Rhode Island. 


At Northpoint, we offer a variety of programs and degrees. For undergrads, we offer a BA in Bible and Theology, along with a series of practical secondary majors. We also offer a one-year certificate and an Associate of Arts degree in Bible and Theology. For graduates, we offer a MA in Practical Theology.


Student services

The Student Council serves as a liaison that provides for an exchange of ideas, concerns, and information between the student body, faculty, and administration. This body consists of four officers (including a president and vice president) six class representatives, and the class officers. This organization has been very effective in constructive dialogue and policy review. The Student Council is also an excellent opportunity for students to develop leadership skills and to learn styles of conflict management.

Housing services

  • The dormitories are the students’ home, and the inhabitants of each dormitory become family. Each month the occupants of each dorm meet in the evening for a time of devotion. The Resident Directors minister to those in their care, helping each student to draw ever closer to God. There are also regular times for floor devotions, where a smaller unit of students get together to pray, learn and grow.
  • The 57,000 square foot men’s and women’s dormitories can accommodate approximately 250 students. The dormitories were renovated in 2000 and were barely lived in before Bradford closed its doors. In 2008 minor upgrades resulted in beautiful living quarters for our students. 

Library services

Research and reference needs are more than adequately met in the approximately 45,000 volumes housed in Northpoint’s library. Students may also access EBSCO Periodical Databases to complete research projects. In addition, thousands of periodicals, audio tapes, and video tapes are on hand. The Haverhill Pulbic Library is within walking distance of the campus as well.

ICT services

  • Land-line telephones are conveniently located in all the dorms. 
  • The Mailroom is equipped with standard locked, individualized mailboxes.This service accommodates both incoming and outgoing mail, and includes on-site package delivery. 
  • The Bradford Campus is fully fiber-optic and network equipped. A wireless network covers both the dormitories and each of the main buildings on campus.

Medical services

Each dormitory is equipped with basic first-aid supplies for immediate response to minor injuries. Should a student need further medical assistance, a number of medical facilities are located within a few minutes of the school.

Student Life

Campus life

  •  In 2008, the college was miraculously blessed with its current beautiful and historic 18 acre residential campus, located in Haverhill, Massachusetts.
  • The 119,768 square foot building known as Academy Hall is primarily used for administrative offices. It contains forty-four offices, a conference room, an executive dining room, a faculty dining room, a faculty/staff lounge, and the student dining room and kitchen. 
  • Hasseltine Hall is the primary building for classrooms. It contains fifteen classrooms, nine faculty offices, as well as faculty and student lounges. The second floor has a biology laboratory. Classrooms are technologically equipped to enhance the learning experience for our students.

Sports facilities

  • The Gymnasium Building houses a Fitness Center and the Student Union, as well as the Gym itself, which is available for sports and social activities.
  • The exercise room offers free weights and Universal equipment. Aerobic equipment includes several stationary bikes, steppers, and a rowing machine. Students may also participate in year-round sports activities such as softball, soccer, frisbee, volleyball, and basketball.


Northpoint Bible College Degrees (on-campus and online) are fully accredited through the Association for Biblical Higher Education.

Haverhill, Massachusetts, United States

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