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OpenClassrooms makes education accessible for everyone, everywhere.OpenClassrooms is a passionate community of 2.5 millions of students from 126 countries who learn together to get the jobs of their dreams. Whether you’re upskilling or making a complete career change, we have the right paths for you. Join the Education Revolution!


Back in 1999, our co-founder, Mathieu Nebra, was still a young boy. At 13-years-old, he wanted to learn how to build a website. He searched his local bookstores for a beginner’s guide to web development.

He couldn't find one that would teach him how to code from scratch. Every book he found was designed for experienced IT professionals.


We emphasize human interactions throughout our online programs. One-on-one mentorship, an active online community, and support from student advisors and career coaches come together to make students feel cared for.

We strive to get it right the first time for students all day, every day. When we don't, we go out of our way to remedy the situation. If the mentor we selected for the student is not a match, we assign another one who is. If students fall behind on their study plan, we reach out to them with personalized tips to help them out.

Housing services

There’s no escaping the fact that online programs are less expensive compared to brick and mortar institutions.But there are further hidden savings that you may not immediately factor in, for example; not needing to travel, no requirement for accommodation, and most of all, you can study whilst still working and earning.

OpenClassrooms is an official private distance learning establishment registered with the Board of Education in Paris, France that grants its own diplomas as well as those of prestigious academic partners.

Upon completion of your studies and validation of your skills by an academic jury, you will earn a diploma, registered with the National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP).This degree is at level 6 or 7 on the EQF (European Qualifications Framework). 

Paris, Île-de-France, France

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