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Warnborough College

Warnborough College is proudly NOT an Assembly Line university. YOU design the programme for YOUR needs. Accredited non-residence Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees can be earned through research, instruction, projects or publication. Alternatively, do individual modules for credit or transfers.


Warnborough College (Ireland) is a independent college offering qualifications by distance learning. It was founded in Ireland in 1997 but its roots go back to Oxford where Warnborough College (UK) was established in 1973.


The College believes in its independence and focuses on creating an international, multi-cultural and multi-racial student body and faculty. The College believes in linking academic disciplines with the worlds of learning and work, and between nations. A Warnborough education is based on the following principles and values:

  • A commitment to academic freedom
  • A disciplined exploration of ideas
  • Rational discourse, clear thinking, and articulate self-expression
  • A tolerance of, and an appreciation for intellectual and cultural differences
  • Fostering international understanding through mutual co-operation among all students

Distance Learning Courses

Agriculture & Forestry (190)
Natural Sciences & Mathematics (136)
Business & Management (85)
Medicine & Health (77)
Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences (71)
Social Sciences (71)
Applied Sciences & Professions (12)
Law (1)

Campus life

Warnborough University was incorporated in 1997 to offer online and distance learning programmes leading to degrees at all levels. It was renamed Warnborough College Ireland in 2006 to meet accreditation requirements. It celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2017.

Warnborough College made the famous cathedral and university city of Canterbury its new home in 2001. Like Oxford, Canterbury is steeped in history, being the frst place in England where education was formalized. It is somewhat poetic that the Archbishop of Canterbury had appointed an honorary chaplain to Warnborough over a decade beforehand. A new building was purchased and dedicated in 2010 as the new Warnborough headquarters.

Warnborough College adheres to the Principles of Best Practice for Cross-Border Higher Education as recommended by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), the International Association of Universities (IAU), and the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC). There are also areas where we adopt frameworks from quality assurance bodies like the British QAA for our Prior Experience and Learning (APEL).

Canterbury, England, United Kingdom

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