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For the past 62 years, the University has developed remarkably, contributing to the fulfillment of a "cultural world for humanity" as the leader of the future of academics and the creator of common values for humanity. 

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In this new vision for a university that transcends the traditional notion of the university as a mere physical location and the limitations of an exclusive academe, Kyung Hee University will rise to international prestige and develop into an international center of research, education, and praxis that brings together reality and imagination, the basics and applied sciences, and theory and practice. Pursuing "Global Eminence" on a foundation of academic excellence, Kyung Hee University will become an academic community that fulfills its social responsibility by cultivating world citizens with the capacity for communication and public service.


The Kyung Hee Medical Center was established in 1971 with the motto "toward a disease-free civilization," and has been developing as a future-oriented digital hospital with the acquisition of cutting-edge medical technology such as robotic surgery machinery.


Student services

The KHU Counseling Reservation System for Foreign Students offers assistance to international students regarding academics and life in Korea through counseling or by connecting students to translators for easy communication in their respective languages. Language assistance in this program is offered in Chinese, Japanese, English, Mongolian, and Russian.

Library services

The Central Library on Kyung Hee University's Seoul Campus opened with 700 books donated by Dr. Young Seek Choue in 1951 in a temporary building in Busan amidst the Korean War. The current building is made of stone and was completed on June 13, 1968. As of October 2011, it had about 1.33 million books and 32,000 electronic journals. 

Student Life

Student clubs

The IFCC brings together Korean students and international students to build friendships and foster cultural exchange. Through participation in the IFCC, students can build an international network while gaining global experiences. Also, the exchanges that occur among IFCC's members increase a proper mutual understanding of culture.

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