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Blekinge Institute of Technology, BTH, has a distinctive focus on the digitalisation of society and sustainability. BTH’s task is to contribute to a more sustainable societal development through higher education, research and innovation.  

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Blekinge Institute of Technology, BTH, has a distinctive focus on the digitalisation of society and sustainability. Our task is to contribute to a more sustainable societal development through higher education, research, and innovation.

The study programmes are of high quality, student-centred, and linked to research, intended for national and international students. Our education focuses on society’s future needs and challenges in close collaboration with society at large. We offer study programmes in different cycles, as well as single-subject courses, which are given both on campus and through remote learning. 


BTH conducts research focused on digitalisation and sustainability, usually conducted in collaboration with the industry and society.

As an institute of technology, we have great opportunities to contribute to a sustainable future for our society, which we achieve by carrying out research that makes a real difference.

To succeed, BTH aims for close collaboration with the industry and society and high quality in everything we do. The research concentrates on fields where there are good conditions beneficial to society.

BTH has high ambitions – and within some fields, such as Software Engineering and Strategic Sustainable Development, we are already world-class. 


BTH offers student-centred and research-based education with clear links to wider society, emphasising creativity, independence, initiative, and entrepreneurship.

Our goal is that our courses and programmes will give students the opportunities to build a career within their chosen field. Our focus is not only on what happens during the studies but also on what happens after. Therefore, many of our courses and programmes include projects tied to real-life demands conducted in collaboration with the industry. This way, the students will gain insight into their future profession and get in contact with potential employers already during their studies. 


Student services

Starting university studies often means a new life – more responsibility and a new and unaccustomed life – which can be a bit overwhelming. We have a number of support functions where the staff will support you during your studies. 

  • General study counselling

Contact the study counsellors if you need guidance concerning your study situation. 

  • Students with disabilities

If you have a disability we can provide you with support during your studies.  

  • Conversational support

We work preventively with lifestyle issues, conversational support and give advice for students. 

  • Writing Centre

In the Writing Centre you can get personal advice from a reader’s perspective regarding a text you have written.

Housing services

Blekinge Institute of Technology has no student accommodations and cannot make reservations for students. In order to find accommodation, you have to make an online application or send an email to the housing companies. Blekinge Student Union can provide you with information about student accommodation in Karlskrona and Ronneby.

If you have not applied for housing before your arrival, you may have to stay a considerable time in a hostel before you can get a student room.

When you apply for an appartment, remeber to check:

  • How much to pay in rent
  • What is included in the rent (internet, electricity etc)
  • If you are allowed to live together with friends
  • If the appartment is furnished or not 

Library services

The BTH library offers students modern and well-equipped premises for studies. In the upper floor of the library, you find Lövsalen, which is designed as an Active Learning Center, with round tables for group work, screens, and whiteboards. At the ground floor, there is a quiet area to meet the demand for more quiet reading places.  

ICT services

Blekinge Institute of Technology has many computers at the students’ disposal. They are intended for solving the compulsory tasks/laboratory work which are a part of the course examination, and for individual computer related proficiency practise.  

Medical services

All students at BTH are insured through a personal injury insurance when you are at the Universities premises and when travelling to and from BTH. You are insured if you are on an internship or at a workplace approved by the University. However, it is crucial to make sure that you have additional medical insurance coverage in case of an emergency or if you fall ill during an off-campus activity. 

Student Life

Campus life

  • Karlskrona

Karlskrona has an amazing environment – at the centre of the archipelago – where the proximity to the sea gives the opportunity for sailing, sea kayaking, scuba diving or fishing during the summer and long-distance ice skating or ice yacht sailing during the winter. 

  • Karlshamn

In Karlshamn there are plenty of charming pedestrian streets, shopping and cosy cafes, pubs, restaurants, as well as plenty of theatre and music. The focus of the business community here includes digital experiences and intelligent logistics. Several of the businesses within digital experimental were founded by former BTH students.



Karlskrona, Blekinge, Sweden

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