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International Iberoamerican University

UNINI emerges with an international calling and arises as an observatory that analyzes the complex overcrowding phenomenon and global deployment of knowledge, thanks to the opportunities and possibilities brought by the use of new technologies as the internet or mobile technologies in the educational field.



Having founded the Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana (FUNIBER) since 1997 with diverse master and doctorate programs within the online modality for all of Latin America, the convenience to attend to the direct and specific needs of Puerto Rico and so improve the services for all of Latin American countries was created.


Library services

Our Library counts with a professional of great educative experience, besides skills and abilities in information and technology services to assist students and professors.

UNINI’s virtual library has information relevant to teaching and learning of its programs and use diverse resources to back up our courses. 

Medical services

Individual counseling: There are situations that may affect the student, this is why we offer the student the opportunity to express the concerns that may interfere with their performance. By using this service, the student's needs are assessed and provided with alternatives for action. Confidentiality is maintained at all times in the process.


UNINI is authorized by the Puerto Rico Council of Education (CEPR) under the Renewal Certification number 2015-096.

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