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Glenside, Pennsylvania, United States
Our expert faculty will provide you with an exceptional theological education so you can serve the church effectively in today's conflicted culture. 

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The great theologians of Princeton Seminary championed Reformed Christian scholarship during the early 20th century. Internationally renowned, the faculty included the insightful biblical interpreter Geerhardus Vos, the steadfast defender of biblical inerrancy B.B. Warfield, and the esteemed New Testament scholar J. Gresham Machen. 


The MAR degree is intended for students who do not plan on going into pastoral ministry but are pursuing an academic career. While the MDiv is no less academic than the MAR, the MAR does not require practical theology courses.


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Welcome to the Montgomery Library of Westminster Theological Seminary. The library provides print and electronic resources that support the curriculum of the seminary. We also welcome visitors outside of the Seminary community. These pages provide access to and information about our programs and services.

Glenside, Pennsylvania, United States

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