Harvard Medical School Online

Harvard Medical School Online

HMX offers a unique approach to online learning in medical education, covering fundamental medical concepts through detailed visualizations, real-world scenarios, and genuine doctor-patient interactions.

Top reasons to study here

  • Develop your understanding of topics important for medical school and other health care programs
  • Get an inside look at how fundamental concepts apply to real-life patient care
  • Focus your studying and build confidence for your next step

Distance Learning Courses

Medicine & Health (4)
Natural Sciences & Mathematics (4)



HMX courses have been envisioned and created by a highly skilled interdisciplinary team of Harvard Medical School educators and creative professionals—each an expert in his or her own field. Together we craft curricula with integrated multimedia elements and didactic visuals focused on bringing foundational concepts in medicine to life via real-world and clinical applications.


We apply the science of learning and best practices in biomedical visualization to guide the development of our courses. Our goal is to help learners focus on the understanding and application of key scientific principles.


HMX courses are suitable for anyone interested in medicine or a career in health care:

  • College students interested in medicine or anyone who is considering applying to medical school
  • Individuals interested in pursuing training for other health care careers—including physician assistant programs, nursing programs, pharmacy programs and programs for other related health care professions—who want to raise their understanding to the next level
  • Professionals looking to improve knowledge for work on health care applications, projects, and research
  • Curious learners with sufficient prerequisites (biology, chemistry, physics) who want to learn more
  • High school students who are interested in medicine and want to challenge themselves

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

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