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The HOU was legally founded with article 27, par. 1, Act 2083/1992 as an independent and wholly self governed tertiary education institute. It operates as a Legal Person of Public Law under the supervision of the Hellenic State, as exercised by the Minister of Education and Religious Affairs. The institute's headquarters are in Patras. The HOU's Senate retains the right to establish and monitor branches either locally or abroad with the approval of the Ministers of Education and Religious Affairs, Internal Affairs, Public Administration and Decentralisation and Finance.



The Hellenic Open University was founded under Act .2552/97, as a self-administered State University with premises located mainly in Patras Greece. The University accepted its first students in 1998. It has 4 Schools (Social Sciences, Applied Arts, Science and Technology and Humanities). Currently, well over 30.000 undergraduate and postgraduate students are registered.


  • Undergraduate Degree Courses
Students are awarded a degree upon the successful completion of twelve course modules.
  • Postgraduate Degree Courses (Masters)
Students are awarded a Masters degree upon the successful completion of four course modules and a dissertation, which has to comply with the university regulations for dissertation preparation and submission.
  • Doctoral Degrees
Doctoral theses are supervised and constructed according to the Provision of Public Higher Education and the HOU Ph.D. study regulations.


The HOU's mission is to provide distance education at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. For that purpose, it develops and implements appropriate learning material and methods of teaching. The promotion of scientific research as well as the development of the relevant technology and methodology in the area of distance learning fall within the scope of the HOU's objectives.


Library services

The main purpose of the Library is to support all H.O.U. distance learning and research programs and to organize and make available all kinds of material (printed, digital, legal access to network services etc.) and services, in such a way as to become a center of collection and diffusion of information with modern technological means. D.L.I.C. offers its services both from a distance and in situ.


EOT EN ISO 9001:2008IQNET, EOT EN ISO 9001:2008, EOT 1429:2008, ISO/IEC 27001:2013

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