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Al-Mahdi Institute

Through its long-term commitment to both intra and inter-faith dialogue, the Institute’s activities provide a platform for diverse religious voices to learn from one another.


Established in 1993, the Al-Mahdi Institute is committed to providing an open platform for critical Muslim scholarship through its education, research and outreach initiatives.


  •  At the heart of AMI Education lies the Hawza Programme, which is based on the curriculum taught at the traditional seminaries of Qom and Najaf. AMI now awards students completing the first three years of the programme with a BA degree in Islamic Theological Studies accredited by Mofid University.  
  • Thereafter, students can pursue Post-graduate MA degrees in Islamic Studies from the University of Birmingham or Mofid University.


  • Al-Mahdi institute aims to promote scholarship and contribute to both classical and contemporary areas of Islamic studies. There is a focus on producing research that addresses the practical challenges faced by Muslims in every-day life and on discussions surrounding the theoretical and theological problems in Islamic thought. 
  • By amalgamating traditional seminary methods of learning with modern approaches to the study of Islam and Muslim society, AMI provides a centre for the development of research that can be appreciated in traditional seminary circles, academia and the wider society.

Housing services

Located in the heart of Selly Oak, Birmingham, AMI offers a wide range of newly refurbished properties. Surrounded by 4.5 acres of serene, picturesque gardens, a short walk from the University of Birmingham and just a stone’s throw away from the hustle and bustle of a high street; why not enjoy living in this secure gated community here at Al-Mahdi Institute?

Library services

AMI Library supports the vision and mission of Al-Mahdi Institute to be a leading centre of excellence, contributing to Muslim religious scholarship and learning. It houses one of the largest collections of its kind in Europe, in excess of 20,000 titles in Arabic, English, Persian and Urdu. Its holdings showcase specialist collections pertaining to the Islamic Studies’ disciplines.

Campus life

Situated across 4.5 acres of picturesque land, the Institute is a multi-purpose building designed to facilitate AMI’s Education, Research and Outreach activities. With state-of the-art classrooms equipped with the latest audio-visual systems, multi-purpose conference rooms with full AV facilities, the specialist AMI library holding over 20,000 books in multiple languages and a historic 19th century multi-faith chapel, students can be sure to benefit from this unique, intellectual and spiritual hub for growth.

Sports facilities

Students can take advantage of our quiet study spaces, a common room for recreational activities, a fully-equipped gym and of course, the vast AMI gardens perfect for admiring nature at its best.

Bartley Green, England, United Kingdom

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