Schaffhausen Institute of Technology (SIT)

SIT's mission is to drive transformative advances in science, research, and technology. SIT focuses on the Strategic Research Domains of quantum technology, advanced materials, AI, deep learning, and cybersecurity.

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There are many global problems in our world, but computers can help predict them; that's why modern physics and many other modern sciences lead us into the computer world.Because of that, we founded a new university — Schaffhausen Institute of Technology, which focuses on science, technology and education — a huge (about $10T) market for computers, physics and business.


We are partners with two of the world’s top computer science institutions: Carnegie-Mellon University and the School of Computing of the National University of Singapore (NUS). We build it with our boards: the chairman on our strategic advisory board is Nobel Prize winner in Physics Konstantin Novoselov, the members are Nicolas Gisin—one of the most famous entrepreneurs in quantum technology and who is also one of the most cited living physicists out of Switzerland in the university of Geneva, Artur Ekert in NUS, Mikhail Lukin in Harvard, Mark Kamlet who was a provost in Carnegie Mellon.

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Our 5 campuses will concentrate their efforts on these specific areas, and we plan to reach a scale of about 2,000 students on the main campus, about 25,000 blended degree off-campus students, and a very large number of online non-degree students. We bet on these three areas because we believe that the future lies specifically in cybersecurity and information integrity, artificial intelligence and machine learning, software engineering, robotics and autonomous machines, quantum technologies and advanced materials, as well as in a number of areas of business sciences.

  •  Main Campus in Switzerland
  •  Eastern Europe Campus
  •  Mediterranean Campus
  •  Asia-Pacific Campus
  •  South Asia Campus
  •  Americas Campus

Neuhausem, Schaffhausen, Switzerland

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