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Arden University (Global Freshman Certificate)

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Introducing the first Global Freshman program, the Global Freshman Certificate (GFC) @ Arden University, one of the UK’s leading providers of online degree courses. The GFC allows you to finish your first year of university from your home country, with options to progress into your second year at multiple destination universities. The Global Freshman Certificate at Arden University is a 9-month course that provides a pathway into a second year business or computing degree at one of our partner institutions around the world.


The Global Freshman Certificate @ Arden University is the world’s only globally recognized online first year undergraduate program. It is a better way to start your international education experience and allows you to finish your first year of university from your home country, with options to progress into second year at multiple destination Universities.

Why Arden University?

Arden University has three decades of experience providing higher education and is one of the UK’s leading providers of online degree courses. With 23,000 students enrolled globally last year, Arden has a 95% student satisfaction rating, and 9 out of 10 Arden graduates believe studying with the university has helped them transform their careers.*

*2020 Arden graduate survey


Freshman year without the stress.

We offer you the chance to complete your first year of undergraduate studies wherever you are.  Delivered by Arden University, one of the UK’s leading online degree providers, this is a fully recognised first year course that you can complete from home.

GFC takes the pressure off by allowing you to complete your first year of university as an international student from your home country.  No stress of moving to a new place, finding housemates, getting used to a new culture and country or navigating travel restrictions. All you need to do is focus on studying.  

How does it work?

The Global Freshman Year offers the chance for international students to successfully transition to higher education from their home countries. Students undertake subjects of study equivalent to the first year of an undergraduate degree.

Once complete, they use these credentials to transfer into second year at a partner member university of their choice from the available overseas destinations. 

This placement is facilitated through and allows students and universities to communicate with each other during the GFC. 


The GFC offers students entry into 2nd year of an undergraduate degree at a growing number of Member Universities.  It offers universities the chance to have a pool of qualified students they can offer admissions to and students the change to choose where they want to study.

Students can choose from universities located in Australia, UK, US, NZ, Canada, Malaysia, Fiji and Singapore

Student services

One on One Support- we’ve created an online community of teachers and peers to support you in your learning journey.  This is NOT an offline course put online due to the Pandemic! Online is in Arden’s DNA, and the course has been designed for online study using all of Arden’s experience and resources. You also have the opportunity to make connections to other students as you study.

Housing services

Some of our students choose to commute from home to their classes, while some choose to rent private accommodation near to their study centre. Because of the flexible nature of the study schedule we offer our students, we do not offer full time accommodation services. However, if you do choose to relocate to be closer to your preferred study centre, you have lots of options to choose from. Those students who are receiving a Student Loans Company (SLC) loan may also be able to use part of their maintenance loan to cover some of the costs of accommodation

London, England, United Kingdom

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