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Luiss Business School

Luiss Business School adapts and reinvents the experience of management education by valuing economic, social, and human capital, academic output, fostering critical thinking, and incorporating ethics and responsibility in order to produce shared value with its communities to support the development of creative, collaborative, and resilient “leaders for a better world”.

Top reasons to study here

  • High-quality education developed at the convergence of market needs and student needs. Delivered in small classes, with big results.
  • A collaborative and creative learning methodology that enhances the interaction between academic and hands-on teaching.
  • Luiss Business Schools holds a Triple-Crown Accreditation: AACSB, EQUIS & AMBA - a status reserved for only the top 1% schools in the world.


Founded in 1986, Luiss Business School is a top-level business school in the world heritage city of Rome, Italy. After opening its doors to international students by being one of the first schools in Italy to offer fully English-taught programmes (back in 2007), Luiss Business School nowadays operates as an international school, with a teaching hub in the Netherlands (Amsterdam).


Luiss Business School is a bridge between the academic and business world through its long-term partnership with Confindustria, where key partners from the corporate, no profit and public sectors are directly engaged in the co-creation of specific programs that aim to advance knowledge on management practices. Luiss Business School experience is strongly international to guarantee a global approach and the possibility of creating a network with no boundaries.

Luiss Business School aims to develop students’ cognitive and soft skills, their capacity to relate in an international and multiethnic environment, to learn from experience, and to know their-own mission and vision for the future.


Luiss Business School develops and promotes research in different academic fields with a focus on Strategy and Corporate Renewal, Corporate Governance and Performance Measurement, as well as Innovation and Organization Design. The research is grounded in knowledge of business processes and corporate environments and covers emergent key areas, such as Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability. The experiential activities and the personal leadership are a bridge between the needs of the corporate and public organizations, and academic world.


  • During and after their studies, a Luiss Business School Alumnus will build an invaluable network of international business contacts and will be able to access highly sought-after internships, mentorships, and career opportunities.
  •  Due to its reputation for delivering the highest quality graduates, backed up by the seal of the exclusive Triple-Crown accreditation (AACSB, EQUIS & AMBA), a Luiss Business School degree becomes your personal proof of excellence at the start of your envisioned career.

Student services

  • Career Service Office

The Career Service Office offers students customized services to support them in developing their skills and abilities while helping them find satisfying jobs and careers. The Career Service team supports student in defining their career path, and in arranging meetings with companies to explore job and internship opportunities.

  • International Development Office
The International Development Office coordinates all activities and initiatives related to the Luiss Business School International Experience, such as: exchange programmes, double degrees, international weeks abroad, etc.

Housing services

Resources for arranging accommodation in Italy or the Netherlands might be available on a first come first served basis or with informative/guidance purposes but are not included as a standard service at Luiss Business School.

Library services

All Luiss Business School students have access to the Luiss University Library on campus (in Rome, Italy) or online.

ICT services

  • Free wi-fi internet is available at all Luiss Business School hubs.
  • Any additional IT support can be made available upon request.

Medical services

  • Healthcare resources might be available with informative/guidance purposes but are not included as a standard service at Luiss Business School.

Campus life

  • The main campus of Luiss Business School is hosted in the prestigious Villa Blanc, an architectural jewel situated in one of the most remarkable, historic, and artistic parts of Rome. The campus is formed by a main villa, six smaller villas, a bar & restaurant for students and staff and conservatories with typical Mediterranean plants set in a vast park. In Italy, Luiss Business School also has hubs in Milan and Belluno.
  • The Amsterdam Hub is located in the heart of the city, in a typical Dutch canal building overlooking the water. The hub offers both programmes exclusive to Amsterdam and multi-hub programmes that will level-up your international education experience.

Sports facilities

Resources with regards to sports facilities might be available with informative/guidance purposes but are not included as a standard service at Luiss Business School.

Student clubs


  • Luiss Business School holds the prestigious international certification EQUIS since 2015. A one-of-a-kind result, as Luiss Businesss School was the first school in Italy to validate all of its management programs.
  • Since 2023, Luiss Business School holds the exclusive Triple-Crown accreditation in higher education - AACSB, EQUIS & AMBA, a status only reached by the top 1% best rated schools globally. 


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