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The University's Mission seeks to develop faith, justice and culture in constant dialogue with religious, cultural or social actors, whose cooperation has a bearing on peace, justice, harmony, human rights and respect.

Top reasons to study here

  • Bilbao is the centre of a metropolitan area with more than one million inhabitants, a city traditionally open to Europe.
  • The University of Deusto is striving for internationalisation, without excluding other regions, and demonstrates a clear commitment to Europe and Latin America.
  • Approximately 1,300 students and 50 professors take part in mobility programmes.

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The University of Deusto was inaugurated in 1886. The concerns and cultural interest of the Basque Country in having their own university, as well as the interest of the Jesuits in establishing higher studies in some part of the Spanish State coincided in its conception.



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  • Theology
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  • Continuing education
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Thus far, we have identified the aforementioned phenomena to lie within the areas of Health, Ageing and Well-being; Gender; Creative Industries and Cities; Citizenship and Participation; and Social Justice and Inclusion.

The University’s talent and partnerships have been pooled together in five Interdisciplinary Research Platforms which promote synergies and cross-sectoral collaboration between the University, the private, public, and social sectors, and which utilise Social Innovation and Technological Development as transversal axes of research.


A project from people for peopleWe aim to continue to build a high-quality University Project through motivation, participation and efficiency.This is why we seek the best professionals and we offer you the possibility of becoming part of our work team.


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The international relations office is in charge of operating the internationalisation policy of the University of Deusto.

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Wi-Fi connection is available throughout the library. You need a device (laptop, tablet, mobile phone) that is equipped for wireless connection.

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Campus life

  • The Bilbao campus was declared a site ofhistorical interest in 2002. Several architecturally valuable buildings are found on the campus. The most outstanding is known as the Main Building (Edificio Central) and has a classic style. Its most distinctive features are its central staircase, the Library (currently the Salón de Grados), the Gothic Chapeland the Main Hall.
  • The Pearl of the Cantabric Sea: San Sebastian is known as the Pearl of the Cantabric Sea, with its beautiful bay, mix of sea and mountains, quality of life and world famous cuisine, all of which has made it a top tourist destination for over two centuries.