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Stockholm University is one of the 100 highest ranked universities in the world and a leading European university. First class education and research ensure that you get the most out of your studies. Leading experts will teach and guide you in an academic environment with international exchange at every level.

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  • Stockholm College was founded in 1878 as a radical alternative to the traditional educational establishment. Then as now, the university stands for openness and accessibility with an active role in society.
  • Stockholm College began without exams or diplomas, offering an alternative to the traditional universities in Uppsala and Lund. 


Stockholm University is one of the 100 highest ranked universities in the world and Sweden’s largest institution for higher education with top quality education and outstanding research in a wide variety of fields. 34 000 students are currently studying here and we offer 75 master’s programmes taught in English within Science and Human science.


The University's researchers are active in debate and social development and are among the most cited in the Nordic countries according to research organisation Nordforsk. The University's researchers engage in government investigations, participate in the media, leave comments on draft laws and are included in participate in several Nobel committees and international expert bodies.


  • Are you interested in studying at Stockholm University but don't know where to start? Our friendly and experienced study and career counsellors are happy to help you! This service is free of charge to prospective as well as existing students.
  • Our general study and career counsellors are based in Studenthuset and can help you with information about studying at Stockholm University, such as programmes and courses available and eligibility requirements.
  • When visiting our drop-in reception you will also have the opportunity to get individual guidance and support in the process of making a well-founded decision about your studies and career.


Student services

At Infocenter in Studenthuset you may ask about everything concerning your studies, e.g. admisson, student exchange, scholarships, degrees, student support and more. Studenthuset is located next to the A building of Södra huset, Universitetsvägen 2 B. Next to the Infocenter reception you will find computers where you can search for information about opening hours, events, courses and programmes etc. Students are also welcome to visit Infocenter if they wish to:

  • Get certificates of course registration
  • Get study certificates showing completed courses, credits and grades
  • Buy Stockholm University profile products
  • Get a one time code to activate your university account

Housing services

  • Although Stockholm has a busy cosmopolitan life, the city is built on islands and almost wherever you go you are met by stunning waterfront views. The majority of Swedes speak English and are receptive to international visitors. In general, the country offers a welcoming, multicultural, open and safe society. 
  • Around Stockholm there are some great places to explore, live and work. Let us introduce you to a few of our favorites. Prefer living in the countryside, have a hard time finding a place to live in Stockholm, or curious about the greater Stockholm? Then you should check these places out!

Library services

The Stockholm University Library is one of the largest libraries in Sweden. We have millions of books. In Frescati Library, we have approximately one combined mile of shelves covered in books and magazines, and there is considerably more in the magazine that takes up the two basements of the library. 

ICT services

  • Computer labs for students are available at Frescati.
  • Your university account gives you access to a number of IT services at Stockholm University. The university card is used for library services, and printing/copying.
  • Stockholm University has two wireless networks, SU and eduroam. We are constantly improving the service and accessibility of the wireless networks.

Medical services

Stockholm Student Health Services is a complement to the public healthcare available to residents in Sweden. In addition to Stockholm University, a number of colleges in Stockholm are associated. Any health-related problem can be discussed.

Student Life

Campus life

  • Most teaching and research activities at Stockholm University take place in the Frescati area just north of Stockholm city, which stretches from the Bergius Botanic Garden in the north to Sveaplan in the south. It is located in the middle of the world’s first national city park, and the area is characterised by beautiful nature, interesting architecture and modern art.
  • Stockholm University is sometimes called a “campus university in a park environment”, surrounded by the inlets Brunnsviken and Lilla Värtan. The area has a diverse population of both foreign and domestic trees, especially old oaks. Together with a rich herbal flora and fauna, this creates a sense of old parkland.

Sports facilities

  • Breathing space – a room for prayer and meditation

Need to take a pause? 'Andrum', which means something like 'breathing space' in Swedish, is the name of a room for prayer and meditation, open to all at Stockholm University irrespective of religion or creed.

Student clubs

  • The student unions are membership organizations with the purpose to represent the common interests of students. The most important assignment of a student union is to guarantee that students are able to influence their education, but student unions also have a major role in the social aspects of university life. Stockholm University has four student unions, one large and three departmental student unions.
  • At Stockholm University there is three international student coordinators, employed by Stockholm University Student Union. They are a resource for all international students here, charged with the task of having different cultures meet and paving the way for friendship and fun across nationalities.


  • Stockholm University is one of the 200 highest-ranked universities in the world and one of the top 50 universities in Europe according to several well-established university ranking tables.
  • The different rankings use different methods for measuring quality. Times Higher Education World University Rankings (THE), QS Rankings and the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) are considered the most influential university rankings in the world.

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