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The University of Padua is a world-leading research-intensive university that has been driving global change since its foundation in 1222.  As a multi-disciplinary institution, it provides students with both professional training and a solid cultural background. A qualification from Unipd is a symbol of having achieved an ambitious objective, recognised and coveted by students and employers alike.


The University of Padua was established in 1222, after a group of students and teachers decided to come here from Bologna. They set up a free body of scholars grouped according to their place of origin into nationes, in which students approved statutes, elected the rettore (rector or chancellor) and chose their teachers, who were paid with money the students collected.


The University of Padova is unique in its multi-disciplinary offer, spanning over 8 schools and 32 departments. Students at the University of Padua can choose from a wide range of Bachelors' (120), Master's (139) and Single-cycle (13) degree programmes, as well as a vast array of Postgraduate courses and a School of Excellence (Scuola Galileiana di Studi Superiori). 

Programmes entirely held in English are on the increase, now including 54 full degree programmes, 20 doctoral programmes, more than 700-course units and numerous short specialisation courses. 


Padua has a long tradition and consolidated reputation for scientific excellence, also confirmed by the European Commission's "HR Excellence in Research" award. Its 32 Departments and 27 interdisciplinary research centres cover an exceptionally broad research scope including Arts&Humanities, Social Sciences, Engineering, Physics, Technology, Life Sciences, Medicine, Natural Sciences.

Frontier Research @UNIPD is funded both by Intramural grants and European projects (Horizon Europe), being a first driver for technology transfer. Padova provides world-class facilities and research infrastructures, top degree courses, innovative funding programmes addressed to early-stage and experienced researchers.


Programmes at the University of Padova are constantly updated in order to meet the ever-changing needs of the labour market, and graduates from Unipd find employment in higher percentage than in the rest of the country (AlmaLaurea 2022).

The Career Service office guides students and new graduates in their transition from the academia to the professional world. 

Links have been established between the University, private and public companies and institutions and professional associations to create and promote internships as an opportunity to share information and experiences. “Vetrina degli Stages” helps students and new graduates to look for internships in Italy or abroad and training opportunities. 

Student services

The University of Padua offers a wide array of services to its international students:

  • Global Engagement Office, with department-based dedicated desks
  • SAOS Desk (immigration-related procedures)
  • Tutoring service and buddy programme
  • Psychological assistance
  • Inclusion unit

Housing services

  • Private accommodation: either with the support of Housing Office or through the HousingAnywhere platform, the majority of students find a room in a shared flat with other students.
  • Private colleges: The University of Padua signed multiple agreements with some private colleges to reserve some places for international students. Each college applies different prices, conditions and services.
  • ESU halls of residence: ESU provides accommodation for about 1300 students from outside Padua in its 10 halls of residence, situated either in the city centre or near university buildings. Four university guesthouses are also available for short term stays.

Library services

The University Library System encompasses 29 libraries located in university buildings, and an avanced system of online services such as the On-line Public Automated Catalogue (OPAC), the On-line University databases and on-line e-journals.

The University offers various study rooms with different capacities  as well as consultation rooms strategically located throughout the city.

ICT services

Students have automatic access to the Eduroam network allowing them to connect to the Internet at Unipd, as well as at any other institution where such a network is present, without the need for further formalities.

The city of Padua, just like a growing number of other cities around the world, has also opened up a series of free Wi-Fi hotspots located all across town, the "Padova Wi-Fi Net".

Medical services

  • Students can register to the National Healthcare System which entitles the beneficiary to access the Italian healthcare services like Italian citizens do.
  • EU students: the TEAM card makes the holder eligible for urgent and necessary health care, with direct access to the healthcare structures.

Campus life

With students accounting for over 30% of the population, Padua is genuinely student-friendly! Most of the university buildings are scattered throughout the city centre and a vibrant academic atmosphere permeates the entire town. Libraries, canteens, study rooms and other facilities are conveniently located next to the main university premises, at a walking distance from one another. To reach further outwards an extended cycling path network (more than 170km) and multiple bike sharing options with special discounts for students represent the best and most sustainable way to move around the city.

Sports facilities

Sports help students in their studies: the Padua University Sports Centre (CUS) - the most extensive sports facility in the province - offers many activities and sport opportunities, competitive and amateur alike, in two structures located in the city.

The Centre is open to students, employees of the University and, under certain conditions, to the public as well.

In addition to services for payment, there are "no pay" activities for which the Centre makes its facilities available free of charge to users during set time slots, typically the track and field arena, 5-aside football pitch etc.

Student clubs

The University of Padua Alumni Association, together with the University and inspired by the motto Universa Universis Patavina Libertas, seeks to unite all UniPD graduates of whatever age, background, position and location in a community to which all may have freedom of access and equal consideration. 

Former students — Alumni — can continue to be inspired in their professional and private lives by the fundamental values of the University, becoming standard bearers wherever they may be.

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