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Leiden University

4.3 out of 5 (195 ratings / 74 reviews) Leiden, Netherlands
Global and personal: Leiden University offers a truly international environment with personal interaction and support. The university holds a leading position in many different fields, from natural sciences, life sciences, medicine and astronomy to the social and behavioural sciences, the arts, international law and non-Western languages. World-renowned for its research and education programmes, the university provides high quality education for the most motivated of students.

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Founded in 1575, Leiden University is the oldest university in the Netherlands offering a wide variety of programmes. Leiden University is a truly international university, uniting people and knowledge from all corners of the world. The university is comprised of seven faculties, six in Leiden and one, the Campus The Hague Faculty, in The Hague.


The Leiden experience is strongly characterized by the dedication to engage in and contribute to the demands and challenges of today’s globalised society. The research-based education is innovative and multidisciplinary. The students are motivated to engage with lecturers, who are renowned for their ground-breaking research and worldwide networks and to benefit from the personal and interactive classroom experience. They are offered the chance to develop their own talents and interests through a diverse range of academic opportunities and are encouraged to excel through participation in honours and research programmes.


International reputation: Leiden has established a firm international position among the worlds top research and academic institutes across a wide range of fields. Leiden performs consistently well in international rankings, such as the Times Higher Education World University Ranking (THE) According to the most recent the ranking, Leiden is in 67th place, putting it in first position of all Dutch universities. Quality of education and research: as a student in Leiden, you will be motivated to constantly question the essence of nature, the human mind and the complex interactions between their elements.


The Faculty of Humanities Careers Centre provides Humanities students with professional advice and guidance concerning (international) internships and jobs, courses in career planning and job application, and job application readers. The internship coordinator and the career advisor assist you in exploring your individual interests and abilities, and guide you towards the most appropriate internships and job.


Student services

As a student of Leiden University, you will also have access to various support services specially designed to assist students. Some of these services, such as the International Student Adviser, offer support particularly aimed at international students. At the faculties, you can, for example, receive support from coordinators and study advisers. Special assistance is also offered for students with a disability.

Housing services

Leiden University Housing Office The Housing Office helps to arrange accommodation in Leiden and the Hague by way of mediating between students and housing agencies.Please note that this service is only available for international students and university guests. The Housing Office is unable to mediate on behalf of local Dutch students.

Library services

The University has one central library, and many faculties and departments also have their own dedicated libraries.

ICT services

Computer rooms are available at the faculties, the University Library and Plexus Student Centre. Students can also bring their own laptop to university throughout which wireless internet is available.

Medical services

Home country insurance policy You can also take out insurance in your home country. Always contact your insurance provider in advance to check that you are covered for any medical costs you might incur during your entire stay (for both physical and mental health issues), and be sure to bring this policy with you to the Netherlands.

Student Life

Campus life

Ideally situated in The Netherlands, the university is located both in Leiden and The Hague, providing an ideal setting to get the most out of your student life while preparing for an international career. Both cities offer a wealth of social, academic, and housing options for students. Amsterdam is a short distance away, and the rest of Europe is at your doorstep.

Urban campus: Leiden offers a multicultural living and learning environment, and is a student city where students feel safe and secure.

Sports facilities

The USC offers a wide variety of sports. Your membership allows you unlimited use of our fitness and you can follow any group class you want. We also colaborate with various Leiden student sport associations. All in all, you can choose from more than 45 different sports!

Student clubs

Leiden has a rich student life, where students can become a member of numerous social student clubs (studentenverenigingen). In these, students have the opportunity to develop their organisational, communicative and social skills to complement their academic curriculum. Although Leiden University provides financial support and facilities for the student associations, they are independent and are run by students.

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Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders

The NVAO (the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders), has accredited all degree programmes. The NVAO is an independent accreditation organisation that ensures the quality of higher education in the Netherlands and Flanders by means of thorough and continuous programme assessment.