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Rey Juan Carlos University

Rey Juan Carlos University offers more than just academic and research related activities. A number of programs and actions are offered to the University Community and its social environment. Throughout the year, various artistic, cultural and educational activities that complement university life and contribute to the personal development of our students are being organized.

Distance Learning Courses

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Since 1996, the University has focused his teaching and interdisciplinary research to find solutions to current problems, and ranks among the best universities in Madrid for excellence academic programs and international scientific quality.


Areas of knowledge:

  • Law and Social Sciences
  • Sciencies
  • Health Sciences
  • Engineering and Architecture
  • Arts and Humanities


The Rey Juan Carlos University promotes research aimed at economic and social development, promoting and enhancing research activity and the dissemination and transfer of knowledge and results to society. The promotion of R + D + i activities is carried out through collaboration with companies and institutions, and participation in national and international calls that allow our researchers to develop their lines of research contributing to the generation, expansion and dissemination of knowledge , and the advancement of science and technology.


Student services

  • The International Office provides information, guidance, and support in procedures and procedures to international students, and is the meeting point for foreign universities and institutions that want to collaborate with the URJC in exchange and mobility programs.                         
  • The International Office, through its reception programs, works to favor the integration of URJC international students into university life.

Housing services

Madrid Campus Residence. The residence hall is located on the Madrid Campus, and has 217 accommodations, of which 180 are singles and 37 are doubles. Each accommodation has an approximate area of ​​18m², 34m² in the case of doubles, and has its own bathroom and office with fridge and microwave. see residence

Library services

The Rey Juan Carlos University Library is an administrative and management unit whose purpose is to make all the University's bibliographic and documentary resources available to users.

  • Alcorcón Campus Library

  • Fuenlabrada Campus Library

  • Madrid Campus Library

  • Aranjuez Campus Library

  • Móstoles Campus Library

Medical services

School insurance protects its beneficiaries against some contingencies which might occur while in Spain, with the following benefits:

  • School accident
  • Medical and pharmaceutical assistance or, if it proceeds, hospitalization and surgery.
  • Economic indemnities

Student Life

Campus life

  • Alcorcón Campus
  • Aranjuez Campus
  • Fuenlabrada Campus
  • Madrid Campus
  • Móstoles Campus

Sports facilities

Alcorcón Campus

  • 4 Paddle courts
  • 4 versatile sports fields (Basketball, indoor football, handball and volleyball)
  • 2 Tennis courts
  • 2 ping-pong tables
  • 1 Rugby field
Móstoles Campus
  • 2 versatile sports fields (Basketball, Indoor football, handball and volleyball)
  • 3 Tennis courts
Fuenlabrada Campus
  • The Raúl Gonzalez Stadium (seat capacity: 3000)
  • Athletic track
  • Gym
  • Natural grass football pitch
  • Artificial grass football pitch
  • 2 indoor football fields
  • 4 paddle courts
  • 3 Tennis courts
  • 2 versatile sports fields
  • Fronton
Madrid Campus
  • Gym


It is accredited by Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia, España.

Coslada, Madrid, Spain

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