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The Near East University established in 1988.


The Near East University, standing out as a small town of education in center of Cyprus, comprises many firsts in Cyprus. 

The Faculty of Medicine, which is the only Faculty of Medicine of North Cyprus; the Faculty of Dentistry which is the first and only faculty of North Cyprus; the Dentistry Clinics which are the first JCI accredited private dentistry clinics of the world; the Super Computer which is one of the most advanced and powerful computers of the world with a capacity to provide support to several international research and academic studies throughout the world, including the CERN project.


Near East University prioritises research in order to conduct, practice and manage other studies that can increase the quality of life for all living beings, both on a local and universal scale. Therefore, it houses the first and only Scientific Research Projects (BAP) in Cyprus, in order to enable the structuring to make it functional.


A Near East student is one who designs the future. A person who not only feels a responsibility towards himself but towards the world. A Near East student is a person who continues to improve with their ideas, innovative approaches, by writing and having their stories written. It’s a person who never shies away from taking the initiative and being a leader. A person who internalises their community, history and culture and leaves their signature on the island. A person who thinks deeply about every subject, who can approach from different angles and can feed off of various disciplines. 


Housing services

One of the most important conditions for perfect education is the dormitories, which make our students feel at home and provide them with all possibilities.

Near East University has 7 girls and 7 boys dormitories that have room capacities for 1, 2, 3 and 4 people and they are built as dormitories and flats in a 14-block structure. We provide five different accommodation choices including economic, standard, luxury, residence and flats. One dormitory has 250-300 total amount of beds and all dormitories in total have a 5,500 bed capacity. The full details and photos for the dormitory can be found from the link below. 

Library services

The library has approximately 2,000,000 books, more than 60,000 electronic magazines and provides access to 500 million sources around the world. The library has 10,500 DVDs, 17 movie cabins, 12 individual and group study rooms, 4 lecture halls with a capacity for 1,000 people, a theatre hall with a capacity of 350, 600-person capacity cafeteria and 700 study desks. 

Medical services

Near East University Hospital is built on a 56,000 m2 area and it is well equipped with the latest technology devices, providing experienced and specialist personnel in 36 different departments. It provides healthcare services to students and patients 24-hours per day. Health is a priority for us and all current developments are followed.

Student Life

Campus life

The students of Near East University, which stands out as a small town at the northern suburbs of Nicosia, are provided with all-round on campus facilities and opportunities such as sports fields, shops, restaurants, dormitories with a capacity of 5000 people, health and fitness centres, hospitals, cafes, student clubs, radio-TV centre, library, Olmpic swimming pool, national and international banks, travel agencies, post office, scheduled coaches traveling between city and airport from early morning till late night, 24 hours security and health services.

Sports facilities

Near East University aims to support sports for all age groups and branches and continues to make significant investments in sports. The Sports Tower is equipped with the latest technological equipment and specialist trainers to provide planned and programmed sports services. The gym is equipped with world famous Panatta branded equipment.  It also provides new sports trends like Inbody, BodyShape treadmills, cryotherapy sauna and Vacu Activ Body Shape devices. 

The Near East University Olympic swimming pool is the first and only indoor Olympic swimming pool in our country and it covers a total area of 2,700 m2.

Student clubs

  • International Relations Club
  • Psychology Club
  • Information Technologies Club
  • Computer Club
  • Computer Engineering and Programming Club
  • Institute of Electricity and Electronics Club
  • Dil-i Şeyda Club
  • Young Writers Club
  • Special Star Club
  • Animation Club
  • Environment Club
  • Future Club
  • Photography Club
  • Theatre Club
  • Folk Music and Folk Dance Club
  • Turkish Music Club
  • Rock Club, BEBF Club
  • Basketball Club
  • Football Club
  • Tennis club
  • Chess Club
  • Aviation Club
  • Handball Club
  • Volleyball Club
  • Table Tennis Club
  • Swimming Club
  • Equitation Club
  • Mountaineering Club
  • Badminton Club
  • Diving Club
  • Athleticism Club
  • Bicycle Club
  • Atatürkist Ideology Club
  • Communication Club
  • NEU Fenerbahçe Fans Club
  • The Red Crescent Club
  • NEU Çarşı Club
  • Ultraaslan-Uni Club
  • Uni-Ts Club


  • ASIIN – Accreditation Agency for Degree Programmes in Engineering,
  • FIP – International Pharmaceutical Federation
  • ACPE – Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education
  • EDEXCEL – Educational Excellence
  • JCI – Joint Commission International
  • EDEXCEL – Educational Excellence
  • ICOGRADA – International Council of Graphic Design Associations 
  • EUPRERA – European Public Relations Education and Research Association 
  • ICA – International Communication Association 

Nicosia, Nicosia, Cyprus

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