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Distance Learning Masters: Learn Faster, Pay Less

Of all the benefits of distance learning programmes, perhaps the most important for prospective students is their affordability. That’s a fancy way of sayin': They are much cheaper than their on-campus equivalent.

We can’t presume to know your reasons for considering an online degree, but we know that the end goal is the same: earning an advanced degree will help you improve your skills and knowledge so that you advance in your career. And if it comes at a lower overall price, compared to a classroom degree, then who can complain?

While tuition and fees for distance learning courses may not be much less expensive, you will save a lot of money because you’ll have zero costs with relocating to another country. And you’ll be able to study and work at the same time.

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There are plenty of affordable courses out there which also provide quality education. For example, here are some universities that are prestigious but  offer affordable tuition fees compared to on-campus options:

How to earn & learn for a better YOU

The biggest reason why online or distance learning programmes are usually less expensive is that they allow you to keep a job and attend school at the same time. Many online students are full-time professionals.

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Juggling school with a full-time job is a lot easier with online degrees, as they give you the flexibility to study from anywhere, follow your own schedule, and work at your own pace. This is a long way from the tight schedule of on-campus programmes.

Another advantage of being employed while attending school is that you might be able to get financial assistance from your employers. Many companies know that investing in their employees’ development will benefit all sides. If you convince your employers that the skills and training you receive from your distance learning degree can benefit them, then they may agree to fund part or even all of your education.

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Online degrees free you of additional education costs

Traditionally, especially in the US, college can mean credit card bills running into obscene amounts. A pizza here, some books there, a new outfit for a cool party you've been invited to, a fun road trip with a friend, and bam! You end up with a credit card bill that makes your eyeballs pop!  

And this is just one of the associated costs of attending college or university. In addition to personal expenses, if you attend a brick and mortar school are also required to pay for room and board, books and supplies, and transportation.

You can cut down on a lot of these expenses if you enrol to distance learning programmes. Since it's likely that you are going to stay at home, these costs are no longer your problem. With no new accommodation, and with study materials available online, your graduate study will be a lot less stressful.

So, if money is one of the biggest challenges in becoming an international student, maybe it’s time to opt for an online degree!

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