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Entering the Job Market with your Distance Degree
Here are some tips on how to find employment after receiving your distance learning studies degree. Put your career-oriented online studies to good use.
Helpful Tips for Combining Study and Work
Whether you are a freshman who needs work to cover his tuition fees or a working adult looking for a career change or promotion, combining work...
Earn a Dual Degree with an Online Hybrid Course
The hybrid study allows learners to gain information in universities and colleges that add to their major course of study.
10 Success-Oriented Business Schools in the U.S. with Top Online MBAs
Students can follow an online MBA - one of the most popular postgraduate degrees. Online programmes give students a flexible learning schedule.

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How Our Admission Chance Tool Works
Here is a quick overview of the Admission Chance tool, with which we predict your admission chances. You'll learn about what it is and how it works.
10 Top Online Universities in the U.S. for Distance Masters in Teaching
Check out some of the best options for an online Master programme in education, whether you're interested in teaching, coaching, educational psychology
You CAN Study a Master in Engineering Online - Top 7 Options from U.S. Schools
Check the list with some of the best online Master courses in engineering, according to American school rankings.
How to Make Sure Studying a Distance Learning Degree is Right for Me?
A growing number of students is nowadays following their education in the Distance Learning mode. But is Distance learning the right choice for you?
Why Companies Would Pay for Your Online Degree: 7 Explanations
Employers have been shifting from seeing online degrees as a problem for their staff to embracing it as an opportunity. Here's why!
6 Answers For Deciding on The Most Affordable High-Quality Distance Learning Degree
Online degrees are an effective alternative to going abroad, to study on-campus at a university, especially if you have already begun your career path.
5 Sure Ways to Tell if an Online Degree is Top Quality (or Not)
Check out useful tips to determine if an online course or a distance learning degree is not an internet scam
3 Accredited Online Universities Match Reputation of On-Campus Schools
Before you choose an online course or a distance learning degree, you need to make sure you can trust the online course provider. Look for accreditation
Mastering Time Management as a Distance Learning Student
Here are some tips for optimizing time management as a distance learning student. Learn the best way to manage your online courses and assignments.
Choose the Right Distance Learning Organisation for Your Online Course
Online learning is a current thing and many students worldwide choose this type of education. But how do you know you make the right choice? Read below
Be a Superhero at Home: Learn Through Distance Learning
Distance learning gives you the chance to get your degree from your own home. Find out how this can benefit your life and make studying easier.
7 Ways to Get Ahead in Your Career with an Online Computer Science Degree
The obvious solution for busy people who are keen on learning vital computer skills is applying for an online degree in computer science.
Crushing the Top 5 Myths About Distance Learning
Learn about common myths and misconceptions about distance learning programmes. Receive correct information about online distance learning courses.
The Expert's Guide to Getting a U.S. or U.K. Law Degree Online
Discover important information about applying for and enrolling in an online law degree programmes. Find out how you can use this degree to practice law.
The Essential 4-Step Guide to Starting Your Online Degree Studies in 2017
Follow this step-by-step guide to starting your online or distance learning degree programme.
What is Open Learning and 6 Ways It Can Help You
Open has become an increasingly important word in education. But what meaning open in this context have - and how may this help you to find your study?
What Are Open Universities? Apply and Study Online Today!
There are plenty of different distance education providers, one of them are the Open Universities. But what actually is an open university?
Distance Learning Degrees for All: Pick an Online Master, Bachelor, or PhD
Did you know that you may even do your PhD from the distance? Read on to get an overview of all options available.
5 Good Reasons Why a Distance Learning Degree Could Be the Perfect Fit for You
Did you ever consider choosing a distance learning degree? This is why you should!
How Distance Learning Degrees are Changing Higher Education for the Better
Statistics show that distance learning programmes are in high demand and growing in popularity. How does the future of advanced education look like?
How to Save Money and Earn the Degree You’ve Been Dreaming of with Distance Learning
Distance Learning programmes are sometimes considered to be quite costly. Read on and find out why this is not true.

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