Online Courses that Can Earn You a Dual Master’s Degree

A hybrid degree study allows learners to combine face-to-face classes with internet instruction and training. These blended-learning Master’s courses are the ideal option if you don’t want to do an exclusively online graduate degree because you also want to enjoy some of the typical on-campus vibe.  But did you know that blended learning programmes can also lead to a dual degree?

This means you’ll get two qualifications by completing only one blended-learning Master’s, in the same amount of time required for one single specialisation.  We can already picture you as both an expert in biology and education. Or any other combination you are after.

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Blended studies in the university setting

You really want to study more subjects. You are not the type to be limited to one interest. Yet your circumstances don’t allow you right now to go for a full on-campus dual degree. Luckily, there are blended programmes to help you achieve your dreams. 

The beauty of blended Bachelors and Masters is that they are anchored in the real setting of a university, college, or other educational institutional and connect the online study experience to the actual learning in a university environment.

Another great advantage of a hybrid dual degree is that it allows you to be flexible in taking classes in two separate disciplines. You may be able to take most of your introductory courses online and then be admitted into a dual programme immediately.

Not to mention that a dual or double degree can help you secure a great job after graduation, a job that you may not have been able to land with a degree on a single subject area. Here are some examples of universities offering dual degrees via blended programmes:

What sets a dual degree apart from others

  1. A dual degree means you will graduate with the equivalent of two degrees at the same time.
  2. A dual online degree programme does not require for you to complete all general requirements that are set individually for each major or specialisation. Instead you will have to supplement from 30 to 40 credits beyond the general programme requirements. 
  3. A dual degree is similar to an ‘accelerated learning programme’ that students can apply to during both high school and at higher education levels. In an accelerated learning programme, students can advance their progress and improve their knowledge on a subject by taking elective or additional courses related to the subject.
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Why should you choose a dual title degree via blended education?

The most common and obvious reasons to choose a distance learning programme offering a dual-title degree are:

  1. You will receive two degrees in the same amount of time required for a single degree.
  2. You have more career and employment options.
  3. You will gain varied skills that most companies look for in a potential candidate.

Tip: check the job market or future job trends and see in what way you can connect these with a dual degree that you can pursue through hybrid online education.

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Take up the challenge of blended Master’s courses

Some potential students are not eager to pursue these hybrid, dual title programmes because they recognise that they will require a considerable amount of work. However, with good organization skills, and a passion for understanding the different ways that your major field can be applied interdisciplinary, you will be able to appreciate all of the hard work and planning that were required of you to successfully complete a dual title degree. We say: Go for it!

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