Study Online Courses in Brighton, United Kingdom -

Study Online Courses in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

Brighton at a glance

In Brighton you will find the esteemed high-standard British education mixed with the atmosphere of a seaside resort city. Also known as “London by the sea”, Brighton host some of the most popular higher education institutions in the UK. The large LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) population in Brighton ads to the immense diversity the city has to offer. Settled on the south coast of England, Brighton has a rather small population of around 280,000 inhabitants. However, the city has one of the highest concentrations of students in Britain – 13% of the population – which gives a great community aspect to it. 


Studying in Brighton

The level of education in Brighton is high and competitive. Universities put a lot of emphasis on the quality of teaching, well-structured courses and interactive seminars. Students here report they have a lot of space for individual input and that the teacher- student relationship is almost equal.

Universities in Brighton offer undergraduate and graduate studies in all major disciplines: business, economics, engineering, pharmacy, medicine, architecture, gender studies, journalism, humanities, religious studies, arts, and many more. The academic environment in Brighton has been recognised for producing research of world-leading quality. The most successful disciplines for research include business and management, psychology, international relations, biological sciences, nursing and pharmacy.

Education in Brighton is actively oriented to cater for international and exchange students. Universities here offer international summer schools, foundation courses (pre-Bachelor), pre-Master courses (one or two semesters) and English courses for academic purpose. In Brighton, many foreign students benefit from pre-sessional English classes to help them acquire the language proficiency at an academic level. All of these additional courses will provide you with the necessary study skills and English language abilities to the level required to successfully complete your studies in Brighton.


Career opportunities in Brighton

The city of Brighton is known as a top quality international education destination and studying here offers you many careers prospects both during and after you finish your studies. Universities have partnerships with multinational employers, national companies and professional bodies, so students are exposed to various internship and working opportunities. Work placement companies include American Express, British Airways, Channel 4, IBM, the NHS, Nike and Rolls Royce.


Brighton city life

Brighton is not by chance called “London by the Sea” – it has a city life comparable to a metropolis. In fact, Brighton has been known as England’s’ hippest city and one of the best places to live in the UK. From numerous bars, clubs and restaurants, to seaside walks and outdoors activities, adding an active cultural life and fun vintage shops – Brighton has everything to offer.

There are loads of opportunities for activities in your spare time. You can visit the Royal Pavilion, Kemp Town, Brighton Toy and Model Museum, Hove, Brighton Pier, the Devil's Dyke, Brighton Museum and Art Gallery and much more. Brighton is a great place to attend theatre plays and host a number of famous festivals (such as the Brighton Festival, considered the second biggest arts festival in UK).

For outdoors activities you can try bike tours and a huge variety of water sports (wake boarding, kayaking, scuba diving, windsurfing, etc.). If you are more into rock climbing, you can attend courses held on the rock in Sussex. The countryside near Brighton is also quite beautiful and worth exploring.

Should you ever feel like changing the air, London is within easy reach of Brighton (less than an hour by train).

International atmosphere in Brighton

Having the reputation of one of the most eccentric cities in England, Brighton attracts annually over 8 million visitors. The city is the most popular seaside destination in the UK for overseas tourists. This makes Brighton a lively and diverse city, where you can meet someone from every corner of the world. If you pursue your degrees in Brighton, the large communities of international students here will ease your immersion and make your study abroad experience unforgettable.

Weather Brighton

The city of Brighton has a pleasant, temperate climate, which is slightly warmer than the rest of the United Kingdom. There are early springs, warm summers and generally mild winters. The maximum temperature in summer can reach 23°C (73°F), while in the winter (January) temperature can drop to 3°C (37°F).

Universities in Brighton

The Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is our digital alternative to the University of Sussex’s campus. It’s easy to navigate and accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

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The University of Sussex is a leading research-intensive university near Brighton. We have both an international and local outlook, with staff and students from more than 100 countries and frequent engagement in community activities and services.

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The company has developed into an international online distance learning College, offering a wide range of UK accredited and internationally recognised Management and Business qualifications, at both graduate and postgraduate levels.

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