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New Orleans

Study Online Courses in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

New Orleans at a glance

New Orleans, also called “The Big Easy”, is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the U.S., a culturally rich city and an excellent study option for international students aiming to experience the vibrant, colourful and creative Southern charm. The capital of Louisiana is also the birthplace of jazz, offering the perfect blend of African-American and French culture.


Studying in New Orleans

Choose from the numerous Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes offered by the 14 universities, colleges and educational institutions in New Orleans. You can enrol in one of the dozens of Bachelor’s programmes organised by universities in any of the wide fields like architecture, healthcare and medicine, science and engineering, liberal arts, humanities and area studies and heritage studies.

For graduate studies, you might want to get a Master of Arts in History, Philosophy or Classical Studies, an MBA or a Master of Sciences in Chemical Engineering. There are many Master’s programmes which bridge between several disciplines for ensuring a more pragmatic skillset, as required by the job market.

New Orleans’ institutions pay great attention to different heritages and the diverse origins of cultures by organising study programmes meant to teach Bachelor’s programmes with majors such as African Studies, Asian Studies, Jewish Studies, German Studies, Gender Studies, Latin American Studies, Medieval Studies, as well as linguistic studies in French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, German and Italian. Universities here also intermediate studying abroad for a semester or a year in another country relevant to the specific major.

The main focus of the teaching staff is to advance shared knowledge in order to stimulate and inspire innovative ideas and critical thinking.


Career opportunities in New Orleans

Being one of the largest ports in the world, New Orleans’ economy is centred on trade and energy production, but also on cultural tourism and the healthcare industry. Thus, large energy companies such as Entergy, McMoRan Exploration, Hornbeck Offshore Services and Gulf Island Fabrication are the biggest employers, alongside healthcare giants like Ochsner Health System or Touro Infirmary.

Also, the city is currently a booming environment for start-ups and entrepreneurship in fields such as small boutiques and shops, e-commerce, HoReCa, real-estate, architecture, interior design and construction as well as IT and technology. Most graduates from New Orleans’ universities find employment in their field almost immediately, especially if they have healthcare and engineering degrees. Also, there are opportunities for internships in most every field, even during the academic year.


New Orleans city life

This is easily seen in the original mixed architecture styles and the many music and dance festivals dedicated to several of its native artists such as Louis Armstrong.

New Orleans is the city where jazz music originated and it is celebrated by the community as a local emblem. Most clubs, bars and restaurants have embraced jazz, as do the theatres and music halls.

The biggest tourist attractions in New Orleans are in the French Quarter:

  • The WWII Museum
  • US (Confederate) Mint
  • Louisiana State Museum
  • Confederate Memorial Hall
  • New Orleans Museum of Art
  • New Orleans Botanical Garden

The most famous festival in New Orleans is the Mardi Gras festival, traditionally held for five days before the fasting period leading up to Easter. The celebrations include the famous parade throughout the city, alongside theme parties and many masquerade balls. It is one of the largest celebrations in the world, closely rivalling the Carnival in Brazil.

The cafes and restaurants in New Orleans host a mixture of French, Spanish, Italian, African and Cuban cuisines, with traditional products such as doughnuts, seafood stews as well as many combination dishes.

International atmosphere in New Orleans

“The Big Easy” is the American city most associated with heritage and culture, mainly thanks to its multicultural background and effective preservation of traditions. This makes it one of the most receptive to foreign tourists and international students. English is widely spoken and understood by the diverse community in New Orleans. French is still spoken among locals and there is a strong Spanish-speaking Latin American immigrant community. The local accent might make it harder to understand for foreigners but the locals are patient and welcoming. Additionally, there is a growing community of international students coming from across the globe to get a top American-style higher education in New Orleans.

Weather New Orleans

The weather in New Orleans is generally warm and wet, with rainy summers and colder and dry winters. The temperatures average from 53.4 °F (11.9 °C) in January to 83.3 °F (28.5 °C) in July and August, with very rare incidences of below freezing temperatures or snow.


Accommodation costs in New Orleans

There are different accommodation options for students in New Orleans:

  • Rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city centre averages at 1,300 USD/month, three bedrooms at 2,140 USD/month.
  • Rent for one bedroom outside city centre averages at 756 USD, three bedrooms at 1,296 USD
  • On-campus average rent for one-bedroom ranges between 950 and 1,050/month and off campus prices are between 8,000 and 9,000/month

Living costs in New Orleans

New Orleans is a fairly inexpensive city in the U.S., with average living costs for students in New Orleans ranging between 860 and 965 USD/month. Food will cost you about 336 USD/month and a restaurant serving starts at 15 USD/person.

Universities in New Orleans

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