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Philadelphia at a glance

Philadelphia is also known as “Philly” or “the city of brotherly love” is also the birthplace of the U.S.A., through its main symbols: the flag and the declaration of independence. The Liberty Bell, the first university of America, the first hospital and the first residential street are also found in “the cradle of liberty”. Being the only American World Heritage Site, Philadelphia is also an economic and cultural hub and a top ten city of the world, according to Global city GDP rankings. “The city of neighbourhoods” is also a free show of art, thanks to all of its outdoor paintings. Study abroad in Philadelphia and discover why so many Americans are fond of this city! Be among the international students who found their accredited programme in “the city that loves you back”!


Studying in Philadelphia

In Philadelphia you can find your Bachelor’s degree programme and choose whether you wish for a major, a minor, a concentration or a certificate. You can earn your undergraduate degree in education, accounting, business, law, civil engineering, classics, international studies, medical sciences, art and many others.

Your Master’s degree is available in fields such as psychology, forensic medicine, music, management, computer sciences and others. If you are looking for a graduate school abroad that also offer pre-professional or accelerated degree programmes.

After you finish your Master’s programme in English, you may apply to a PhD in accounting, history, computer science, biomedical studies, education, engineering, language studies and many more. Fields such as arts, medicine and nursing or language studies are available in the online degree courses offer.


Career opportunities in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is the heart of Pennsylvania’s activity and is the seventh-largest metropolitan economic area of the U.S. Rated as an Alpha-city, Philadelphia has a high employment rate which continues to grow. The main economic sectors are IT, manufacturing, food processing, oil refining, health care and financial services, as well as research.

Among the national and international companies that have offices in the city there are the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, CIGNA, GlaxoSmithKline and Boeing Rotorcraft Systems. Tourism has its importance in the area’s economy.


Philadelphia city life

The city of Philadelphia is a touristic hotspot, thanks to its importance in the American history. The nations’ symbols are also the main sites that attract visitors: The Independence National Historical Park and the Independence Hall with the Declaration of Independence and Liberty Bell. Here there also are the homes of Edgar Allan Poe, Thaddeus Kosciusko and Betsy Ross.

The Library Company of Philadelphia and the Athenaeum of Philadelphia are two of the city’s oldest buildings. Some of the museums are the Franklin Institute, National Constitution Centre, the Historical Society of Pennsylvania and the Atwater Kent Museum of Philadelphia History.

In “Philly” you will find the first zoo and hospital in the United States of America. Also, you may take walks in Fairmount Park, also known as one of the largest and oldest urban parks of the country. Being one of the top suppliers of public art, Philadelphia is also home to the Kimmel Centre for Performing Arts, the Opera Company of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania Ballet, as well as Wilma Theatre and Walnut Street Theatre. The city also gave some famous rap artists.

Known for elements such as the water ice, local cuisine is attractive for locals and visitors altogether. Nightlife in the city is active and welcoming. The Old City, South Philadelphia, Northern Liberties are some of the areas where you will certainly enjoy your evenings.

International atmosphere in Philadelphia

The majority of Philadelphia’s inhabitants are Non-Hispanic White, African Americans and White Hispanics. Among them there are Puerto Ricans, Irish, Italian, German, Dominican, Chinese and many others. The populous city is comprised of national and international communities.

Philadelphia is also an educational centre that hosts a large number of international student and tourists often come to admire the surroundings. In Philadelphia you will find a warm atmosphere and locals who cherish their roots.

Weather Philadelphia

The city’s climate is gentle and balanced. “Philly” has hot summers, mild falls and spring and cold winters with some snowfall. Average temperatures are 0.6°C (33°F) in January and 25.6°C (78.1°F) in July.

Universities in Philadelphia

La Salle University is a Catholic university in the tradition of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. To a diverse community of learners, La Salle University offers a rigorous curriculum and co-curricular experiences designed to help students gain theoretical and practical knowledge, deepen their ethical sensibilities, and prepare for a lifetime of continuous learning and professional success.

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Through the rare combination of our spectacular galleries, our internationally known school of fine arts, and our public programs, PAFA strives to provide students and visitors alike with a unique and thrilling experience.

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USciences continues to build on its legacy as the first college of pharmacy in North America, and we prepare our students to be scientific leaders and respected healthcare practitioners. Key to its distinctive education is a tradition of hands-on research and experiential learning that is evident in every graduate who has walked its campus. 

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The University of Pennsylvania dates its founding to 1740, when a prominent evangelist, George Whitefield, and others established an educational trust fund and began construction of a large school building at Fourth and Arch streets in Philadelphia. The building was designed as a charity school for the children of working-class Philadelphians and as a house of worship for Whitefield's followers.

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