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Study Online Courses in Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington at a glance

Wellington is the southernmost capital city of a sovereign state in the world. The city is a surprisingly balanced mix of urban energy and natural ecological beauties. This natural harbour surrounded by hills is the heart of New Zealand, from a geographic, artistic and cultural point of view. Situated alongside Wellington Harbour, the city is surrounded by green hills and an award-winning urban eco-sanctuary. If you visit Wellington, there are high chances that your accommodation will be at less than three kilometres from the coastline. In Wellington, you will be amazed by your surroundings and be able to enjoy the city life and socialize at one of the cafes while spending time in urban nature. Study abroad in Wellington in an education system that is known as world-class and based on critical thinking and problem solving. If you aim for a degree abroad, New Zealand has a top offer of internationally appreciated universities. 


Studying in Wellington

If you pursue a degree abroad in Wellington, you have a pretty broad range of universities, some of them being internationally appreciated. Institutions are based on academic learning, as well as research and some of them focus on technology or acting.

Wellington universities have programmes that lead to a Bachelor’s degree in art, business, communication, design, journalism, sport, economics, education, finance, IT, acting and other fields. Master’s degree programmes are also available in nursing science, professional accounting, emerging technologies law, applied science, wildlife management, international studies and many others.

Research is highest visible through the PhD programmes that usually last for at least three years.


Career opportunities in Wellington

Students have high chances to get employed in Wellington since education is either based on local needs or with a high impact on research.

The city economy also has a high job potential for students, thanks to an important contributor, tourism. The city is also a destination for business conferences. Other major fields are arts, culture, film, and ICT. Plus, the city’s average income is higher than the national income and the highest of all cities from New Zealand.

Some successful local companies are Centreport, Chorus Networks, Contact Energy, The Cooperative Bank, Datacom Group, Meridian Energy and Todd Corporation.

Wellington is also rich in sports, cycling, food and wine, art, culture and music events and outdoor festivals. Matariki, Pasifika Festival, New Zealand Fashion Week and Rhythm and Alps are some of the most popular events that also include a piece of the local culture.


Wellington city life

However, you will decide to spend your free time in Wellington, you will be surprised. One of the main touristic attractions is Zealandia, the first global fully-fenced urban eco-sanctuary, an urban reservoir that is located just at a ten-minutes distance from the city centre.

The Museum of Wellington City & Sea and Wellington Zoo are recommended attractions. If you just want to observe the city, you can take a walk in the Wellington Cable Car. Relaxation is also guaranteed on cruises, in galleries or at theatres. Socialization is given by the over cafes and restaurants, almost as many as New York city.

The harbour and the beach are spots where you can admire both the city and the green hills and where you can find inspiration for studying.

International atmosphere in Wellington

Wellington residents are used to large numbers of visitors and international students and they don’t mind engaging in a conversation or helping, when possible. Most of them speak English and are young with ages between 20 and 59. The largest amount of visitors that prefer Wellington as a holiday destination come from Australia.

Students will feel relaxed and, yet, active in the city ranked as 12th in the world by Mercer Quality of Living Survey and a constant part of tourists’ top ten preferences.

Weather Wellington

Climate in Wellington is, generally, sunny and sometimes windy. Winters are not extremely cold and rainfall and frosts are common. July is the coldest month, with temperatures of 8.5°C (47.3°F) and February is the hottest, having an average temperature of 16.8°C (62.2°F).

Universities in Wellington

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Victoria University of Wellington is one of New Zealand’s oldest and most prestigious tertiary institutions with a proud tradition of academic excellence.

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