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Study Online Courses in Wageningen, Gelderland, Netherlands

Wageningen at a glance

Wageningen, Netherlands, is known as a historic city, an educational hotspot and, as its logo says, a “city of life sciences”. This is a destination that many students prefer for their degree abroad, especially for its ability to allow them to study without being disturbed. The research and academic profile of Wageningen are recognised throughout the world. Located in the heart of Netherlands, in a valley on the north bank of Nederrijn river, the city blends modernity with a historic architecture and vast green spaces. The city of Wageningen has settlements that date back to 828. At the beginning of the Middle Ages, a small church and a few food farms rose. The area began to be inhabited much more in the twelfth century when structures began to be built. In 1263, Wageningen was granted the city status and a castle was built inside it. The city was also the place where the ending of World War II in Netherlands was negotiated.


Studying in Wageningen

If you wish to study in Europe in an internationally known university for its field, you may enrol in one of WUR’s programmes. The university is concentrated on fields of study such as life, agricultural and environmental sciences.

Your higher education may begin with a Bachelor’s degree in tourism, agro-technology, business and consumer studies, communication sciences, international development, architecture and health sciences.

You may continue your studies with a Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree in animal sciences, communication, biosystems engineering, environmental studies, geo-information management, tourism or nutrition. The university also includes the possibility to apply to a part-time online Master’s programme in plant breeding and nutritional epidemiology and public health.

A PhD programme in Wageningen means a specialization in fields of research. Courses are split in categories of employment. At WUR you will also find university short courses which can be taken on-campus or online.


Career opportunities in Wageningen

The technical university closely collaborates with the government and the business environment, which makes it extremely easy for students and graduates to find internships, research opportunities or employment worldwide.

The city’s economy is closely related to higher education. WUR is a major employer on the local market. However, the city also gains from industries such as tourism and culture.


Wageningen city life

Being a city with many young inhabitants, Wageningen is active and open to socialization and cultural life. The focus point of the city is comprised of the three towers of the city castle and the ruins of the city walls. You may begin your experience with a relaxing walk in the Rhine river area or on the city’s north side.

The area may be studied in some of the easy-to-reach sites, such as the Airborne Museum “Hartenstein”, De Casteelse Poort Museum, Het Depot Museum, Netherlands Open Air Museum and others. Near the city, there also is the Veluwe national park, which offers opportunities for hiking, cycling or running.

After you enjoy the city’s culture and rural outdoors, you may step into one of the theatres, cinemas, bars and restaurants. Students can benefit from the International Club Association membership and enjoy exclusive events.

A major local event is the Liberation Day, which is celebrated annually and the art fair.

International atmosphere in Wageningen

Wageningen is a small historic city with an international university that influences its demographics. Its population dynamics suffers significant changes throughout the year, especially in summer when students are on holiday.

The atmosphere is international and the young energy of students is visible in the city. Most of them come from China, Germany, Greece, and Ethiopia. You will find many European students and hear English on various occasions.

Weather Wageningen

Wageningen has the typical climate for the Dutch, which includes mild winters and cool summers. Rainfall often appears, especially in summer months. Average temperatures are around 6°C (42.8°F) in January and 24°C (75.2°F) in July.


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