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Fashion, Textiles and Luxury Goods degrees offer knowledge and expertise related to the creation of textiles, clothing and fashion accessories. This field also focuses on the management of fashion items and the trade that consists of this type of products and involves an in-depth understanding of the different steps of creation, production and marketing of items.

Fashion textile and luxury goods encompasses a series of sub-disciplines, such as women clothing design, men clothing design, shoes design, jewellery design and production, all covering the whole production and supply chain of this industry.

Fashion, Textiles and Luxury Goods aims at teaching students how to design their ideas and transform them into products that satisfy all potential requirements. This field will encourage and enable students to draw upon the creative and artistic problem-solving solutions in mastering silhouettes, structures and materials of clothing and luxury goods. Students will also pursue an analytic and critic approach to trends and events, develop creativity and talent as well as practical ability and technical understanding.

Careers that Fashion, Textiles and Luxury Goods graduates can pursue include: clothing designer, fashion designer, fashion accessories designer, fashion and design journalist, textile and/or luxury goods product manager, PR specialist.

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