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Social Work studies and promotes the quality of life of individuals and the wellbeing of communities. Social Work integrates knowledge about human and community development, social policy and administration, human interaction, and the influence of social, political, and psychological factors upon our society.

Poverty, social injustice, persecution, abuse, lack of education and access to proper healthcare — these are only a few examples of problems that Social Work aims to solve, or at least reduce their spread and negative impact.

During a Social Work degree, students can expect to take classes in Social Justice, Interpersonal Skills, Values and Ethics, Human Behaviour, Social Policy, Human Development, Chemical Dependency, etc.

Social Work helps graduates to develop the following skills and qualities: empathy, active listening, social perceptiveness, persuasion, cooperation, critical thinking, communication, and interpersonal skills.

Graduates of Social Work studies usually get careers opportunities such as: probation officer, advice worker, careers adviser, charity officer, counsellor, volunteer coordinator, youth worker, social policy analyst and more.

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