What is an Online Study in Business Law?

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Business Law is a subject where you will learn about the laws that are used in transactions between people and commercial matters.

There are two areas of business law. One deals with the regulation of organisations through laws of partnership, company, bankruptcy and agency. The other one regulates commercial exchanges through laws of contract. This means you will handle legal issues, such as contracts, litigations, transactions, intellectual property, fraud, illegal activities, ethical business practices, etc.

During your studies, you can choose to specialise in a certain field, such as International Business Law, European Business Law, and others. You will learn about law-making, e-commerce, business economics and other aspects. Additionally, you’ll discover how to advise people who want to start a business and help them with understanding the legal aspects of hiring and firing people. You’ll also discover more about the tax system, how it works and how to minimise taxes.

The focus will be on developing various skills, ranging from writing, communication, to negotiation and presentation. A great advantage of studying Business Law studies is the opportunity to practise these skills on real case studies.

A Bachelor's or Master's in Business Law can help you become a successful business lawyer, paralegal, finance analyst, risk analyst, loan officer, or corporate counsel.

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