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General Engineering and Technology refers to a broad understanding of Applied Engineering and generic knowledge of technological equipment, methods and processes. It is an interdisciplinary area that involves mathematical and computer skills, basic understanding of mechanics, material physics and statistics. Although they have less theoretical knowledge, General Engineering graduates gain expertise in the application of engineering principles in various technological issues and they can convert conceptual schemes into functioning systems.

Students typically choose further areas of concentration or technological fields of expertise. Specialisations include Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Control, Automotive Technology, power transmission and distribution technology or computer-aided drafting.

General Engineering and Technology degrees place great importance on laboratory practice and on application-based examples. Students acquire fundamental engineering principles useful in operating modern technology and design methods, and possess multidisciplinary skills and knowledge to address industrial operations.

General Engineering and Technology graduates ca find work in architecture offices, construction companies, insurance agencies, and engineering firms, or in research and development. Examples of job titles include garage technician, development technician, quality engineering technician, general maintenance technician, process technician, among many others.

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