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Electronics is the study of electric currents and electronic equipment. It includes designing electric circuits and understanding the role of various components, like transistors, microchips, semiconductors, and many others. In the modern tech world, Electronics has applications in almost any area one can think of, from communication to medicine, from financial transactions to military utilities, and everything in between.

Embedded Technology is a subfield of Electronics and studies the development, implementation, and testing of small computer systems that are included in most electronic devices we use daily. These computers or embedded systems are designed to perform specific or repetitive functions automatically. You can find embedded systems in refrigerators, smart light bulbs, Bluetooth speakers, microwave ovens, wireless keyboards, home security systems, etc.

People often confuse Electronics or Electronics Engineering with Electrical Engineering. The main difference is that Electronics focuses on smaller electronic devices and tools, while Electrical Engineering deals with large scale projects, like power stations, power grids, and the distribution of electrical power.

Electronics courses and Embedded Systems courses vary from one degree and university to another. In general, students can expect to take classes in Mathematics, Optics and Electromagnetism, Engineering Programming, Power Technology, Analogue Devices, Digital Devices, High-Frequency Systems, etc.

Graduates from electronics and embedded technology can mostly find jobs in the automotive, computer technology and consumer electronics industries and choose from the follow career options: embedded system engineer, embedded systems designer, software engineer, design engineer, electronics technologist/engineer, electronics drafter, software/chip developer.

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